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Mold can have a serious impact on a person’s health. People who are exposed to mold can develop asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, mold is quite common in many buildings today. In fact, according to The World Health Organization, indoor dampness and mold affects anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of all buildings in […]

  Having to take your property insurance company to court in order to get them to pay for a claim is frustrating–and as one Florida condominium association recently found out, the process can actually end up costing the insured party even more in court costs and associated fees. It is highly recommended to have an […]

Accidents involving small cars and large trucks make up over 60% of accidents. The truck driver is often at fault, however they are faced with the dilemma that claiming liability may cause them to lose their job, so it is not uncommon for the truck driver to blame the driver of the small car. 7 […]

In order for a contract to be binding, both parties must be competent to contract.  What does that mean? Basically that a person is capable of understanding the contract and its effect on his or her interest. Under the law, adults are automatically presumed to be competent to contract. What happens if one of the […]

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She was very informative, encouraging and had a positive attitude that was infectious
Paul Hernandez Noverola