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Así que estás contemplando el divorcio. Su mente está llena de preocupación y estrés sobre si este es el curso correcto de acción para el nuevo año. De hecho, usted tiene tantas cosas en su mente que está buscando cualquier recurso para responder a las preguntas que tiene. Al igual que con cualquier divorcio o […]

So you are contemplating divorce. Your mind is filled with worry and stress over whether or not this is the right course of action for the new year. In fact, you have so many things on your mind you are reaching out to any resource to answer those questions you have. As with any divorce […]

How do you Enforce a Child Support Order? Have you considered hiring a child support attorney? It’s easy and cost-effective to hire an enforcement attorney for your child support needs. You have a court order including orders establishing child support, however, the parent required to pay child support has fallen behind on payments or has […]

Modifying Custody in Texas Sometimes a “custody” order needs to be modified. Children get older, circumstances change, or one parent is not acting in the best interests of the child. Modification of the original order is recommended to ensure that the child and the parent is protected under the law. If you want to modify […]

  Child Custody in Texas In Texas, child custody is often the number one disputed topic in Family Law courts. The determination of parental rights and possession time of the child is the main cause of frequent disagreements.  If you spend any considerable amount of time in family law you will hear the term “custody” […]

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