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How do you Enforce a Child Support Order? Have you considered hiring a child support attorney? It’s easy and cost-effective to hire an enforcement attorney for your child support needs. You have a court order including orders establishing child support, however, the parent required to pay child support has fallen behind on payments or has […]

College Student Steps on Explosive Imagine going on vacation and at the end of your vacation learning you have to have a limb amputated. This is exactly what happened to an 18-year old college student in July of 2016. The Music Engineering student from Virginia was in New York’s Central Park with two friends who […]

Modifying Custody in Texas Sometimes a “custody” order needs to be modified. Children get older, circumstances change, or one parent is not acting in the best interests of the child. Modification of the original order is recommended to ensure that the child and the parent is protected under the law. If you want to modify […]

Lies About Car Accidents Getting into a car accident can be stressful; but if you or a passenger has been injured, you may be even more overwhelmed. Regardless of how severe or simple your injuries may be, you need to understand what your next steps are in getting better. This includes distinguishing facts from fiction […]

DWI No Refusal If you have driven on the interstates of Fort Worth or Dallas over the past week or so, you have probably noticed the road signs stating that July 4th weekend is a “DWI no refusal weekend”. You may have asked yourself, “what does this mean? Can the police just force me to […]

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She was very informative, encouraging and had a positive attitude that was infectious
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