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You are busy. It is understandable how you have not found the time to write your will. Obviously, you would if you could, right? Doubtful. Most people avoid the topic of death at all costs. Unfortunately, when life happens and things don’t go according to your plans, your family could be left in the nightmare and potential discord of probate court. However, that is not the only reason that you should stop dragging your feet and write your will. There are at least five good reasons to stop pushing it off and to get it done today.

  1. Life is Unpredictable

Look, everyone likes to think of themselves as impervious to the tide of chance and chaos that is life, but that is not reality. Every morning you wake up, risks surround you, some big and others small. Therefore, in this great big ocean of life, it is better to cast your safety net around the things you can control, like the disbursement and guardianship of your assets.

  1. You Worked Hard for What You Have

Take a look around you. You created a lifestyle and a reputation for yourself. The house you own, the investment portfolio, and anything else you deem essential elements of that lifestyle are at risk every day without a will.

  1. Children Need Protection

Beyond the materialistic, your immediate family needs protection as well. While you may think that being married provides those protections in the event of your incapacitation or demise, what if your spouse is in the same accident or passes before you? Granted, these are not pleasant questions to consider, but they are necessary, especially when you have children. Without a will, guardianship is decided by the court, and they might make a decision that does not agree with your current wishes.

  1. Your Family Deserves a Little Peace

Also, consider your family and their hardship. When you pass, your loved ones will experience some level of turmoil and grief. Do you want to make that experience worse? Probate is a grueling process, and without a will, your family is left exposed to that process, never being able to move on fully until your estate is resolved.

  1. Probate Court Doesn’t Care About Your Wishes

Last, the probate court is not about finalizing your wishes, especially without a will. The court looks at what they deem as efficiency and fairness, meaning that your estate might not be split or disbursed the way you desire.

Therefore, in the end, it is better to have a will. Call an experienced estate lawyer in Allentown, PA and discuss your options for writing your will, and then move on with living.



Thanks to Klenk Law for their insight into estate law and why to write your will now.