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Should You Work with an Estate Litigation Lawyer?

If you are a beneficiary, executor, or another interested party who is challenging or contesting a will, you may be dealing with many emotions during this time. In addition to likely dealing with the fact that someone you loved passed away, you may also have information regarding the will that was not brought up or that seems contrary to the final decision that was made. When this is the case, you may wish to go to the appellate court to appeal the decision. How is this possible? Is this something you should try to do on your own or can you work with an attorney to help? 

Getting Help for Your Appeal 

Appealing a probate court decision is not simple and you will want to have a thorough understanding of what that process looks like when you go in for the appeal. To ensure you understand the appeals process and what needs to be done for it to be successful, it would be to your benefit to work with a lawyer, like an estate litigation appeals lawyer from a law firm like Klenk Law.

While there will be different laws about the appeals process depending on the state the decision is made, typically you will bring your appeal to the appellate court and they will create a review of the former court’s record. During this process, you would not necessarily expect to have a new hearing of information, instead, the court would use the information that has already been provided to them. Going through this process can be extremely difficult if you are choosing not to work with a lawyer because you will need to show why the appellate court will want to make a different decision than was already made with the same information provided. 

How do you know you should move forward with this process? 

This decision should not be taken lightly and it can be hard to determine whether moving forward with an appeal is the right decision. However, when you speak with a lawyer, they can give you information regarding your case and help you determine if this is the right move for you. A lawyer can assess your case and weigh the strengths and weaknesses to help you come to a decision. If you would like to speak with a lawyer about moving forward with the appeals process regarding an estate, reach out to a trustworthy, local law firm today.