Slip and Fall Lawyers Dallas, TX

Slip and Fall Lawyer Dallas, TX Slip and Fall Lawyer Dallas, TX

When experiencing an accident, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a slip and fall lawyer Dallas, TX accident victims trust for assistance in taking legal action. Taking a fall can leave an impact on both victims and families, and if negligence was a factor, you deserve compensation for the losses you are left to bear. You shouldn’t shoulder these alone, and our team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, can provide you with the premier legal services you need during this difficult time. 

Slip and Fall Accidents Are Common

Whether you were walking down a sidewalk, the aisle of a grocery store, or on someone’s property, a slip and fall can occur without notice. Tripping over debris and slipping on water are just a few hazards that can be dangerous and incredibly common. According to the CDC, each year, 29 million people experience falls. Of these, millions visit emergency rooms for medical attention each year. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can result in significant injuries and can be fatal in some circumstances. Common injuries an accident victim can suffer from include:

-Head Injuries

-Broken Bones


-Spinal Cord Injuries


While it may be evident that a victim has sustained an injury, our Dallas, TX slip and fall lawyers share that injuries may be underlying, or not apparent at first. Medical care is critical to ensure that injuries are properly diagnosed and treated to ensure that victims receive the best possible care.

Asking for Damages 

Once you have received medical care, your thoughts may turn to whether you can seek damages for the accident. Damages are a type of compensation available to victims in personal injury to make up for the losses that have been incurred. Your lawyer will value your case and determine a fair amount to ask for. Damages victims of slip and fall accidents suffer from include:

-Cost of medical care

-Loss of income (present and future)

-Emotional damages

-Loss of companionship

To ensure that you are compensated for all the losses you are facing, it may be necessary to contact a lawyer for guidance. They will work closely with you to determine your case’s value and negotiate towards a settlement with the insurance company. 

The Services Our Firm Provides

When a person falls victim to a slip and fall, it may be necessary to seek legal guidance from a law firm with experience. The process can be complicated, and you will surely want to ensure that you are taking proper steps to reach a favorable resolution when taking legal action. Our firm can help you every step of the way by:

-Making sure that the appropriate paperwork is completed and submitted promptly

-Reviewing your case and determining the proper value of your case

-Making sure that the statute of limitations does not pass you by before you can take action

-Keeping you up to date every step of the way and advising you over the best way to move forward

-Making ourselves available to you to answer the questions you are sure to have about the process and beyond

While the sounds of a slip and fall accident may seem minor, many victims walk away with injuries that can be far more substantial than a few bumps and bruises. The long term impact can, in some cases, be incredibly difficult to recover from. In some situations, the injuries may even leave a victim forever impaired, requiring extensive rehabilitative services and long term care. Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC wants to help you protect your rights and ensure that you receive the help you need. To schedule a consultation with our Dallas, Texas slip and fall lawyer, call us as soon as possible. 


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