Ana Laura Ledesma Rivera

2021 Family Law

Ana Laura Ledesma RiveraA born and raised Texan who loves tacos, animals, singing, drawing and helping people.

My name is Ana Laura Ledesma Rivera. I was born in Dallas, Texas on May 22 of 1995. I was raised by two loving and amazing hardworking individuals: Agustin and Olga Ledesma, my parents emigrated from Guanajuato, Mexico to give my siblings and I a better future and a chance at a life they never had. Thanks to them, I am the person I am today. I have two beautiful sisters, I’m the second oldest out of the three, and of course the funniest one.

My sisters are very dear to me. My eldest sister, Maria, is a selfless and strong mother of three. She was the first to graduate High School in our family as well as get her degree in Nursing and as a Dental Assistant. She showed us how to pave our own way in life. My younger sister, Isabel, is a passionate and diligent individual. She’s extremely intelligent and always gives me the best advice. She shows me every day that age doesn’t define maturity or wisdom. She’s currently studying to become an English teacher. Seeing my sisters reach their goals and be the best versions of themselves inspire me to try to be a better person everyday.

As for me, I would describe myself as a very creative and outgoing person who is always on the go. I have tried to relax and do nothing for just one day, and I failed miserably. I can’t help but to seek adventure and new experiences.
My hobbies include anything where I can be creative, show my dancing skills or eat! I love to travel, draw, dance, sing, read, and help animals in need. I have a healthy obsession with greek mythology. Discovering new restaurants or amazing views is another one of my expertise. Nothing beats a Texas sunset or a good steak, in my opinion.

My favorite hobby, however, would definitely be walking and playing with my pup, Sunny. He truly is the most adorable, yet wild Germen Shepard I’ve ever met. He has been my best friend for 3 years and being his owner has encouraged me to become an animal activist. When I can, I help foster dogs and cats who are in need of rescue, and help them find their forever home. Being an animal activist means we try our best to be the voice for voiceless innocent creatures, edifying those who view them as worthless or inferior, and fighting against barbaric beliefs and practices. I am a firm believer that silence is complicity, and we must always fight for what’s right.

After graduating from Grand Prairie High School in 2013 (Go Gophers!) I was able to work in the customer service field for 4 years. I was a manager for two retail stores where my creativity came in great use since I was head of the visual team responsible for redesigning the stores’ floor designs, and setting up the merchandise in an attractive manner in order to promote new items and catch potential costumer's attention. During my time in customer service, I was able to meet a lot of interesting people and enjoyed the artistic aspect of it. Most importantly, during this time I realized that my innate passion had always been helping others. Whether it was helping a frustrated mother tending to her toddler’s meltdown in my store or picking up an old beaten dog who was never shown any love, I always gravitated towards situations where I could lend a healing hand. This realization gave me a sense of purpose and I knew I just needed the proper career that would allow me to exercise that passion. Working in customer service taught me that with a great attitude and dedication you can excel in whatever field you choose to be in.

Growing up in an immigrant household, I became familiar with laws at a very young age. Since the news were always on in my house, words like laws, lawyers, judges and activism were always being thrown around. I believe my interest for the legal field was born then. My closeness to immigration and my passion for helping people lead me to landing a job at The Law Office of Dapo Adebayo where I worked, under attorney supervision, preparing documentation on behalf of clients and sending it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services department and the National Visa Center for processing. As a legal assistant, part of my job was also to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently, addressing any questions or concerns clients had regarding their cases, and preparing them for what seemed to be the longest years of their lives. I got to be part of many successful cases and witnessed life changing moments when clients who had been waiting for a permanent residence, Visa or citizenship finally received the good news that their cases were approved. One of my favorite memories was that of a client who had not seen his parents in over two decades. The excitement, pure joy and disbelief in their voice when I announced to them that they could travel back to their hometown after 26 years is something that I will remember forever. After the first year, the attorney allowed me to aide him in personal injury and Family Law cases. This introduced me to a much more complicated side of the legal field. I learned that Family Law can be an emotionally charged area of law and it can be challenging to navigate without the right legal assistance. This is why I’m extremely grateful to have the chance to work with the Brandy Austin Law Firm team. Having prior experience with Family Law, I can understand the importance of compassion, empathy and achieving fair and equitable results for all members involved. I am excited for the chance to work alongside some of best professionals in this field. I will work tirelessly to be an efficient asset to the Brandy Austin Law Firm. I hope I can continue to show the firm and its’ clients my skills and passion to help others.

Growing up my parents taught me the definition of hard work and dedication. Being Texan taught me the importance of hospitality and kindness. The legal field is teaching me true altruism.

I am determined to keep expanding my knowledge in Family Law. I am planning on obtaining a degree in Paralegal Studies to continue to assist our attorneys as they work tirelessly to help those who are in need of legal advice. I am more than prepared to assist all of you in any way I can. I am here to help.