Medical Records Paralegal

My name is Annalisa Ozuna Guerrero. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I am the fourth out of five children. I was the girl raised between the two boys. I grew up in a close knit and loving family. My family was always involved in our community and in our church. All five of us children were highly active participants in extracurriculars and mostly in sports. The boys played football and baseball. The girls participated in cheerleading, dance and my personal favorite softball. Needless to say our house was very busy although it did lead to an extensive family trophy collection.

My mother worked full time as a sales associate at Dillards. My father was a general contractor and every summer was spent as a working summer. My father literally built houses from the ground up. He believed in working hard and he taught us strong work ethics. He instilled in each of us, that we have a choice in life to either work using your head or using your back. I can say my father’s plan worked because fortunately we all turned out pretty successful and we can all do most of our own home repairs.

I carried on the family tradition of attending G.B. Trimble Tech high school, located in downtown Fort Worth. My parents graduated from Trimble Tech, plus all of my siblings also graduated from there too. While attending Tech majored in Journalism and I was on Tech’s first softball team. I was highly involved in extracurricular activities and clubs. I proudly graduated with an advanced honors degree.

I am married to my husband Johnny, (who also graduated from Tech) for about twenty years. We have a total of three children, two children together, a son and a daughter. Our son graduated from Trimble Tech with an Electrical Technologies degree. He did leave behind his own legacy, he started Tech’s first ever swim team. For one whole year he was the swim team. He is working full time now. He will be attending college in the spring. Our daughter is a Junior in high school, at Trimble Tech. She is majoring in the Theater Arts Program and is on the swim team. Last but not least, we also have two fur babies at home. Rudy is our Silky Yorkie Terrier and Khole is our Shitzu. Our home is typically busy and full with family and friends.

I have been a volunteer for the Fight For Life Foundation for 15 years. It was initially started to help raise money for cancer patients, through a weekend softball tournament fund raiser. However through the years it has grown immensely and has expanded into raising money for people who have all types of life threatening illness. It is an indescribably good feeling to be able to directly help one person and their family, who are going through a difficult time.

Most of my work experience was in the medical field. I started out as a medical records clerk at a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic. Later I moved up and worked at a neurologist office as an front office coordinator. Through years of hard work and dedication I worked my way up to being patient care coordinator, at a five physician practice specializing in infectious diseases. As a patient care coordinator I coordinated the discharge of hospitalized patients into the aftercare they required, whether it was a stay at a skilled nursing facility or arranging at home IV antibiotics. The job was fast paced and no two days were alike, but eventually I did want a change.

I had a major life changing even occur in 2017. Tragically we lost our youngest brother and the baby of the family due to a violent crime. To sum it up, it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fact that it was covered in the news, only made it all the more all the more difficult. I can definitely look back now and say that was a redefining moment in my life. It changed me forever. However I was fortunate enough to be able to take time off and become a stay at home mother again. After awhile I decided that I was no 1950’s housewife and being a stay home mother was not in the cards for me.

It was time to choose path and to do something for myself. I enrolled back into Tarrant County College and took a few classes until I figured out what I wanted to do. I took one paralegal class and that was it. I knew this was it for me. The classes were not easy but I was committed. I loved the reading, the research, and the legal writing. I had finally figured what I wanted to do with my life. I found my major. I went on to take over a full course load. I eagerly went to day classes, night classes, weekend classes and summer school. I completed the Paralegal program fairly quick. I earned my Associates in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies.

I was extremely proud of my grades and of my degree but I was not quite satisfied. I had always wanted to graduate from a four year university however I did not know if I would even be accepted. Of course I had my many doubts; I was a married, mother of two teenage athletes with a full household to run and plus I was older than the average college student. I decided to take a risk and apply to the University of Texas at Arlington, after all at the very worst all they could do is say no. In spite of all the doubts and much to my surprise I was accepted.

I studied harder than ever had before. In order to graduate faster, I took classes at TCC and UTA simultaneously. I put everything I had into earning my Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree. I even made time to my senior year to make another lifelong dream come true, I became a certified SCUBA diver. If I have learned anything in my life it is this, anything is truly possible, it is up to you and how much are you willing to put into earning it.