Attorney Liaison

Bonnie Avelar is a recent college graduate from Texas Wesleyan University and the newest Attorney Liaison at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. She was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and was raised by her mom Olga. Around the age of 5, Bonnie’s mom Olga remarried, and Elias has raised her as his own since. Olga and Elias instilled a lot of great virtues in her and her siblings. They taught them to be independent individuals but to also recognize when you need help and ask for it. They taught them to always be humble and to give back when you can. She was raised in a traditional Hispanic household and comes from a huge family. Naturally, she is extremely family oriented, and it goes without saying that her biggest supporters are her family. Some of her favorite memories when growing up are playing sports outside with her brothers or learning all about cars or how to repair all kinds of things with her dad, Elias. She would also spend many nights in the kitchen with her mom and sisters learning how to cook all types of dishes and would later grow to love to cook. Cooking with her mom and sisters would be one of Bonnie’s most cherished memories.

After graduating from Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Bonnie went to Tarrant County College where she struggled with staying focused on getting her associates and took many breaks from school. She eventually decided to go back to get her Associates of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. As some of her biggest supporters, when she told her parents she was going back to school, they were so happy for her. Unfortunately, the month that she was supposed to go back in August 2016, she lost her mom and was unsure if she would be able to start the semester. She decided she would go back to school as a promise she intended to keep to her mom. Losing her mom only fueled her determination even further and ignited her drive to push through school and obtain her degrees.

While at Tarrant County College, she interned at J. Don Carter and Associates working closely with Celia Garza, Paralegal for Mr. Carter, where she learned a lot about criminal defense. As a former District Director for Representative Ramon Romero, Celia also taught her the political aspects of the law which is where she inspired Bonnie to obtain a degree in Political Science. She taught Bonnie the importance of being able to give back to the community and being a true advocate for the Latino community.

Bonnie graduated from Tarrant County College in May 2018 and then went on to attend Texas Wesleyan University. While at Texas Wesleyan, her academic advisor, Dr. Michelle Payne played an enormous part in her growing love for the law. She encouraged Bonnie and supported her endlessly through her academics. Dr. Payne recommended Bonnie to pursue an additional degree that would allow her to double major in pursuit of her career in the legal field. She graduated in May 2020 with her Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and Political Science.

When not working, Bonnie is an avid sports fan of all DFW metroplex teams such as the Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. She likes to watch her teams play but loves going to games more and she cannot wait until it is possible to attend again once it is safe. Out of all her favorite teams, the Dallas Stars take the place as her number one team when she went to her first game and was able to experience the intense but extraordinary atmosphere. She also loves to spend time with her best friends, Ashlee and Cristen who are best known as her Sistah Gals and are also a huge part of her life. Being family oriented, she also loves to spend time with her family which also includes her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's family she likes to call her bonus family.

Bonnie currently still lives in Fort Worth with her boyfriend, Bryan and their 2 dogs, Khallie and Duke. Bonnie and Bryan have been together for 3 years and love to travel. All of their travel has only been in the United States but have hopes to travel outside of the United States when the pandemic is over. Her most favorite place she visited was New York and fell in love with it instantly while visiting making Los Angeles her second favorite place to visit. Both are beautiful places that she loved but all of the different types of cuisines is what she fell in love with the most. Their dogs who are referred to as her own babies are so incredibly sweet but love to play rough with one another. Khallie is a red Doberman and Duke is a blue Pitbull both of them are the best of friends and love to get all the snacks they can by giving you the sweetest looks and tail wags. They love to get all the snuggles and will willingly let you give them countless belly rubs.

From a young age, Bonnie has always had a love and a true passion for law. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was always “a lawyer”. After graduation, Bonnie has had aspirations about going to law school and still intends to take the Law School Admissions Test. She has thought about possibly starting her own firm which would be the ultimate goal of her career but still has not made up her mind just yet. She is excited to be a part of the Brandy Austin Law Firm and hopes to be able to help the firm in all aspects. She is determined to gain tons of knowledge that will assist potential new clients and current clients all around that will eventually be imperative to prepare the attorney for their cases. She hopes she can be of assistance to you when you contact the firm for your legal needs.