Caitie Ginn

Caitie Ginn

I have a great deal of experience in the legal field at such a young age. I was a private investigator at the age of 18 focusing on criminal, civil and family law as well as administrative work with my family's business for the last 8 years and managed it times. I was the lead investigator under my Father who was the heart and soul of the operation and under me there was at least two investigators at any given point. Being an investigator came to me naturally since I grew up watching my Father and participating on the cases I could. I remember when I would go with my Father on weekends and I would be upset when he told me that we had to “go do some sleuthing.” As soon as we would get to where ever it was that we were going my instincts would kick in and I would feverishly write down what all I observed including the neighbors, kids on bikes, vehicle license plates and pretty much everything else. I loved being a private investigator but like any other job dealing with crime, over time, it begins to take a toll on you. A bulk of my work was court-appointed criminal work and therefore I have seen the not-so-great side of people. While I kept my license and would do work from time to time I decided to pursue other career options.

I then put myself through real estate school and became a licensed Realtor for Keller Williams for two years, as of now my license in inactive. I had interned in high school for two different brokers and always found the business and the social settings very attractive. I never had the chance to experience commercial real estate which had been a goal of mine had I stayed in real estate. I greatly enjoyed being a realtor but being young in that business does you more harm than good. As a realtor, you essentially run your own business and the overhead to quite hefty to bear on your own. It was a definite struggle to keep my head above water living paycheck to paycheck. I decided it was time for a change.

I then re-routed my career and when back to work in the legal field and worked as a legal assistant/administrative assistant in Downtown Fort Worth. When Mr. Boss was offered an ADA position in another county I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. At the time I hadn’t been an assistant for long and I happened to find an attorney that I worked for as a private investigator who was needing an assistant. While working party time as a legal assistant I started attending Tarrant County College. I first had to finish up my Associate of Arts Degree and graduated in 2016. I then decided I wanted to further my career in the legal field so I went back to Tarrant County College and enrolled in the Paralegal Program and graduated in December of 2017 with my Associates in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. I am also a member of the State Bar of Texas, Paralegal Division. In the future, I hope to further my career by obtaining my bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies or at the very least, expand my knowledge by taking specific family law CLE courses and become a certified family law paralegal.

I also greatly enjoy real estate law since I have experience in the world of real estate. Depending on where my path takes me I would like to switch over to real estate law and broaden my knowledge. Maybe get into commercial real estate law or even oil and gas. For me, it is hard to know or say that one certain thing is going to happen. There is always other forces at hand and you never know what life is going to put in your path. It is also important that you learn how to “roll with it.” Forcing yourself to evade change causes things to go wrong and you may miss an opportunity that could’ve made all the difference. Change is the only constant.

I am a big lover of nature, plants, animals and the outdoors. I love to hike, swim and just be outside in general. Gardening is a good way to exercise patience and reap the benefits of the reenergizing properties that dirt and plants have. Nothing better that a Saturday morning full of gardening and getting your hands dirty then just as it gets real hot out, go and jump in the pool and lay out for awhile.  I consider myself a very artsy person and love creative expression. I started painting at an early age with my grandfather. I don't paint nearly as much as I used to but I find other ways to let out my build up of creative energy. I like to design, paint, craft, DIY, sew…you name it! I think it’s very important for people that work a 8-5 desk job to have a creative outlets so that you don’t run the risk of getting “burnt out” at your job.

I have found that over the years of working in such a serious field, it is vital to have an outlet of any sort. As it is not healthy to constantly surround yourself with all negative energy and none of the positive. Just as important, is that you leave work at work! I make sure that this is the case, or do my best, everyday. Especially working in family law, there is degree of attachment you feel when you are helping people with their lives. I think a lot of people in the legal field forget that from time-to-time and it’s important. You owe the duty to your client to be present (mentally) for them and for the duration of their case. So to that I say - take that day off for yourself or take that vacation!