Christine Bielawski

Christine Bielawski

I was born in Queens, New York, but moved to Texas when I was four, so I do not have much of an accent and I do consider myself a true Texan.  Growing up in Arlington, I attended Dunn Elementary, Young Jr. High and graduated from Martin High School in 1985.  Our graduating class was the first to go through all grades to graduate at new Martin.  Most of my high school friends still live in Arlington or in the area and we get together very often.  Arlington certainly has changed since that time, but it is still a great place to live and work.  I am very thankful to be able to work closer to home because most of my paralegal career was traveling to downtown Dallas.

I have two sons, Ryan (24) and Matthew (19).  Ryan attends college at Dallas Baptist University and Matthew did too, but will be transferring to Texas State in the fall.  Ryan is getting his degree in IT and Matthew wants to be an oil and gas engineer.  They are both working and going to school full time so they stay pretty busy.

When my kids were young I wanted to open my own business, so I could work close to home. I started Encore Upscale Resale in Midlothian.  I negotiated the commercial space, designed the layout of the store and set up the consignment software program. It was a small business, but I ran it like a large corporation, I even had an operating manual that I would hand out to new employees. After four years, and both kids were in school, I decided to sell the business and after fifteen years in business it is still there today and in the same location.  I am pretty proud of that.  After I sold that business, I considered different jobs I had in the past and knew that I was detail-oriented, loved paperwork and deadlines, so a friend suggested a paralegal career.  I went to Navarro College, so it was close to home and earned my paralegal degree in 2005 and Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies in 2006.  I have worked in criminal defense, personal injury, but mostly insurance defense.  Which would cover everything from large corporate litigation to car wreck cases.  I have learned so much about different types of businesses, products and vehicles.  On one case, I was tasked to obtain boat training course materials and the only way to do that was to take the course, so I am a Certified Boat Captain.  It continues to be a very rewarding and challenging career and it’s certainly nice to finalize to case and get a great outcome for our clients.

In 2017, I met the love of my life and we were married in May of 2018.  My husband, Blake and I have two dogs, a French Bulldog named Lola and a Golden Retriever named Cassie.  In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, gardening, cooking and different projects on my house.  We currently live in South Arlington but purchased a “new” home in North Arlington.  It was built in 1971 and needs a complete remodel.  It has been fun picking out new designs for all the kitchen and bath ideas.  It has been a passion of mine to purchase older homes and completely redo and modernize it.  Currently I have two rent houses and looking to purchase another two very soon.

I recently joined the Brandy Austin Law Firm as a Personal Injury Paralegal.  I meet with new clients, listen to their case details and we customize the service of the case based upon the needs of the individual client.  Every case is different.  Everyone has different needs.  I have worked for a few law firms in the past, but I have never seen such a well-organized and expertly run firm.  I am super excited and proud to be joining such a winning team.