Dietrich O. Odom

Dietrich OdomDietrich O. Odom is a contract attorney with the Brandy Austin Law Firm.  He works with clients in the areas of personal injury, wills, trusts, estates, criminal and family law.  Dietrich graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree Magna Cum Laude from McMurry University in Abilene, Texas in 2000 with a major in Religion and a minor in Philosophy.  During his time at McMurry University he was recognized as the outstanding Religion and Philosophy Student and received numerous scholarships and awards.  During this time, he thought seriously about attending seminary or graduate school, but was unsure if he could impact society in the manner that he wished to.  As an avid reader of Philosophy in college, Dietrich was consumed with the pursuit of truth and justice.  Plato’s Republic and John Rawl’s Theory of Justice were both profoundly influential.  Both books concerned the pursuit of Justice.  As a result, Dietrich eventually decided to go to law school where he could continue his learning and pursue a career where he thought he could have a real impact on society and promote justice.

After graduating from McMurry University, Dietrich applied to several law schools, but his heart was set on attending Baylor Law School.  When he received his acceptance letter to Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas, he knew that he had made the right decision.   He wanted to attend Baylor Law School because of the rigorous trial advocacy program that it offered.  He graduated from Baylor Law School in 2005.  While at Baylor Law School, he participated in Moot Court and various mock trial competitions, while also raising two toddlers.

During his time at Baylor Law School, he was heavily influenced by a Family Law professor who lit a fire within him and passion for family law.  It didn’t hurt that he himself was going through a divorce as well.  The combination of the two forces led him to want to help others facing similar situations and desire to provide quality and affordable representation during such trying times.

After graduating from Baylor Law School, Dietrich practiced law in Eastland, Texas, where he focused on matters of family law, oil and gas, criminal law, and real estate.  Over the next decade, he added contract negotiation, litigation and employment law to his repertoire.   In 2009, Dietrich joined Wagstaff LLP, a century old law firm based in Abilene. TX.  While at Wagstaff LLP, he managed a satellite office in Eastland, Texas until he remarried and moved to the Mansfield area in 2016.  While at Wagstaff, he focused on providing quality and affordable representation to clients in a small-town environment.

After relocating to Mansfield, he opened his own law firm where he focused primarily on family law, criminal law and oil and gas law, until joining the Law Office of Brandy Austin, PLLC in January of 2019. Dietrich feels very fortunate to have joined the Brandy Austin Law Firm.  There he has found an amazing team that is focused on providing affordable quality representation to clients in the Dallas Fort Worth and broader Texas area.  At the Brandy Austin Law Firm, every client matters no matter how big or how small.


Dietrich and his wife are the proud parents of two wonderful teenagers and two Labrador Retrievers named Brodie and Bella.  Bella was a rescue and Brodie was raised from a puppy.   Brodie is a lot like the yellow Labrador in the movie Marley and Me. Brodie likes to get into mischief by opening doors and letting himself in whenever and wherever he desires.  Brodie has been known to open the door to the pantry and open the dog food container so that he and Bella can feast until their hearts are content.  On another occasion, Brodie stole a whole cooked brisket off of the countertop and took it to his hiding place in the house to devour most of before he could be stopped.  Bella is the truly sneaky one of the two in that she is stealthy.  She also likes to cabinet surf for food, but she is very quiet.  On a recent occasion, she ate the dog sitter’s sandwich in the blink of an eye. When Brodie and Bella are not stealing food, they enjoy being outside and playing fetch or taking long walks around the neighborhood.


When he is not working, Dietrich enjoys many things such as attending live music events, spending time with family and friends, traveling, riding his motorcycle, playing golf, and cooking on one of his various smokers.  His favorite thing to cook is Texas style Brisket and hopes to compete nationally on the bar-b-q circuit one day.  Dietrich has had the opportunity to travel to England, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Australia.  He and his wife also enjoy long motorcycle rides to the Hill country, where they can get away and just take in the beautiful scenery or short trips to have dinner in a nearby town.  Most recently he and his wife traveled to Australia to visit family and tour the Great Barrier Reef.  While in Australia, he and his wife snorkeled, played golf on a quite island and visited the Whit Sunday Islands where the sand is so white and pure that it never gets cold or hot.  It is so pure in fact that it was used to make the lens for the Hubble Space Telescope.  He and his wife hope to return to Australia soon to tour the Western and Southern portions of the country as well as his wife’s homeland of Scotland.

Dietrich and his wife are also active members of their local United Methodist Church, and they enjoy participating in local community outreach programs sponsored by the Church.



  • State Bar of Texas Since 2006
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas since 2015



Baylor Law School:  Waco, Texas

  • Juris Doctorate 2005


McMurry University:  Abilene, Texas

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Magna Cum Laude 2000