Emily Pyle
Family Law Paralegal

Emily Pyle

Family Law Paralegal

Location: Arlington, Texas
Phone: 817-841-9906
Fax: 817-484-0280

Emily Pyle was born in Vernon, Texas and was the youngest of four children. Shortly after turning 3, her mother, sister, and she moved into her grandmother’s house in Dallas. When she was five, her mother remarried and relocated the family to Arlington, where she has stayed since then.

Emily played competitive softball throughout her childhood and received scholarships to play in College. When she was only twelve, she was asked to pitch for her older sister’s 16&U select team. Her dream was to play Women’s Pro Fastpitch. However; her dreams changed, and she gave everyone a shock when she joined the US Army as a combat medic. Unfortunately, after only a year and a half in, she received an honorable medical discharge due to a heart condition

Emily’s love of law started at a young age. She was raised in the family law firm setting, with her mother working as a paralegal and also as the Court Coordinator in the 322nd District Court in Tarrant County. Emily spent as much time as she could with her mother, she loved hearing about the cases and learning the court procedures. When she was ten she went to Court with her mother for take your daughter to work day; Judge Harris allowed her to get into his seat before his trial started. Emily enjoyed sitting on the bench so much, she did not want to leave, she decided that was her calling

After graduating from Arlington High School and coming home from the Army, Emily attended college at UNT Dallas, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. During her time there, through her own initiative, she revamped the Pre-Law Society and brought it back to life by increasing membership and bringing attention to the organization, organizing activities and charity work. Emily served as President until graduating on the President’s List in May of 2017. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she was accepted into the JD program at the University of North Texas at Dallas.

Throughout Emily’s last year of undergrad and during her second year of law school, she had the opportunity to intern with the Joyce Ann Brown Innocence Clinic. She was assigned an average of 10 cases a semester. It was here that Emily gained the most insight and had the largest eye opening when she saw first-hand how the justice system could fail someone. One case in particular dragged her in and did not let go for three years. She truly felt this person was wrongly convicted and serving a term for something they did not do. She was consumed with this case and made it her goal to find new evidence. Unfortunately, it was not as she had thought or how she was led to believe it was by the client and was left with a feeling of being jaded and betrayed by her client. However, she now looks at the positives and all the things she was able to take away from the program. She had the chance to meet several amazing people and one exoneree who forever changed her thought process. Since being released this exoneree decided not to sit around mad and angry at the world but to give back, he started a nonprofit organization founded solely to help recent parolees or persons released from incarceration, Miles of Freedom. It was through this exoneree that she was able to remember why she became so passionate about the innocence clinics, there are more people just like him out in the world and locked up behind bars, and they need a voice.

Growing up around and being exposed to law starting at such a young age was beneficial. Emily has done everything from working for criminal defense attorneys, assisting in voir dire, trial preparation, jury trials, client and court communications, to drafting legal documents.

Emily’s passion for the legal field is a driving force in her. She loves the feeling of being able to help someone, whether it be in the innocence program or helping a parent get visitation or assist with receiving child support. Knowing that she is making a difference in people’s lives is a huge reward.

At home, Emily stays busy with her three young daughters, ages 12, 9, and 5. She enjoys hanging out with her kids and doing arts and crafts or playing at the playground with them. When she is not working or going to school, she volunteers with the Autism Speaks annual walk, serving as the chair of the marketing committee. This organization is very important to her as her middle daughter received the diagnosis of autism about five years ago. Although her daughter may have the diagnosis of autism, Emily never lets that be an excuse for her to give up on anything. She has worked hard to teach her daughter to not let anything stop her from achieving her goals. She has a huge admiration for her daughter, who Emily believes has overcome more in her nine years of life than anyone else she knows.

Her twelve-year-old daughter played volleyball for her junior high and fell in love with the sport. She is also a huge helper, always protecting her little sisters. She looks up to Emily and wants to also become an attorney like her mother is working towards. Emily’s five-year-old is a firecracker, she is the life of the party. There is never a dull moment when any of her kids are around.

Emily has worked for several attorneys but believes Brandy Austin sets herself apart from the rest. She believes Brandy’s care for each client and their case is something a lot of attorneys do not possess, she enjoys working for someone with those values.