Heather D. Jamieson

Heather D. Jamieson


Location: Arlington, Texas
Phone: 817-841-9906
Fax: 817-484-0280

After personally dealing with the trauma of a wrongful-death lawsuit, Heather D. Jamieson embarked on a journey to be of legal assistance to her community. She has numerous years of experience in facilitating clients through difficult times in a general practice legal environment. Heather has assisted in making difficult times, such as the loss of a loved one, a little more bearable by connecting with her clients and sharing her own experiences. She has facilitated numerous workshops for the elderly allowing them to prepare for the future through a variety of options, such as wills, trusts, trust litigation, guardianships, VA benefits or applying for Social Security.

In addition to her passion for estate planning, probate law, and elder law, Heather D. Jamieson is a general practice Senior Paralegal having knowledge to family law, personal injury, civil litigation and business law. Child Custody cases or even divorce cases are a very emotional time for any client. Heather is dedicated to being that support for the clients to feel safe again, even in an unknown situation. At the Brandy Austin Law Firm, she generally focuses on her own department dealing with wills, trusts, trust litigation, guardianships, elder law, VA benefits or applying for Social Security but you can always find her assisting with other areas of law.

Heather is an advocate for the LGBT community, often focusing on supporting the elderly LGBT community and preparing wills and trusts protecting families and assets, that can withstand ever-changing laws.

Heather was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas but also calls North Carolina her home away from home. She has three children including the adoption of her niece. Her children vary in age; however, all in which are to graduate High School in the year 2018. One of her daughters is currently attending college at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Heather’s son and adopted niece graduate the summer of 2018 and both have high expectations to be of civic service members to their communities.

Heather is the oldest of five siblings whereas she has two brothers and two sisters. She grew up in an average home where her mother was a stay at home care provider and her father is an experienced over the road truck driver. With her father being away from the household for long lengths of time; Heather quickly assumed the role as a caretaker for her siblings. With thirteen years’ difference between herself and her youngest sibling; her youngest sister was raised more so as her own child. She has an extremely close relationship with her sister after all these years.

Heather attended Southwest High School located in Fort Worth, Texas and proceed on to college at Everest University where she graduated with Honors and was awarded the Cum Laude award while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Science while majoring in Paralegal Studies. She also has her Associates Decree in Criminal Justice and was also awarded with honors in Cum Laude. She has been an active Notary for the State of Texas since 2012.

Heather is an avid animal lover and is an advocate for animals. She currently has four dogs, a fancy bearded dragon, an anole lizard, a long-tailed lizard, a tree frog and a beta fish. She has assisted with dog rescues and assisted with training of police dogs for local police departments. She has had numerous types of animals ranging from flying squirrels to a baby alligator. Heather grew up with a passion for animals and her dream would be to own enough land to start her own Sanctuary or Reservation for injured animals.

She is part of organizations and raising awareness for disaster relief, non-profit children’s sporting charities, American Society of Colposcopy, United Ostomy Association of America, Inc., Volunteer Relief for Cook’s Children’s hospital, Gladney Center, The Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels Volunteer, and the Wounded Warriors Foundation. She is also a member of Professional Serving Seniors that meets on a monthly basis to facilitate events that benefit the elderly. Heather enjoys speaking to the community regarding education for estate planning and estates in general. She also enjoys working with those who may be less fortunate and being their voice when needed. She has a great passion in assisting our Veterans and has the determination to assist them with obtaining benefits they deserve.

Heather enjoys spending time with her family on the weekends doing activities such as gardening, hiking, watching movies and experimenting with new varieties of foods for recipes. Her youngest is a model on her spare time, and they often travel for photo shoots. Heather has published several articles for magazine’s supporting young models to be unique, individualistic and offers uplifting advice to them. She has also been published with her daughter in magazine’s but prefers to be behind the scenes opposed to being in the light. Heather also enjoys writing poetry and writing was her outlet growing up. She has had her poems published in Literature Books also. She is an avid outdoors person and especially enjoys spring and fall of the seasons. You can always find her outside with one of her animals enjoying the day.

Although Heather’s original dream was to become a Zoologist, God has blessed her with a serving heart. She has abilities to assist others with their legal situations and easily facilitates strategies to resolve them at an affordable cost. Heather is able to assist in resolving complexed issues and has an amazing team at the Brandy Austin Law Firm to assist in executing the legal actions needed to provide the clients with peace of mind knowing that their legal needs are handled. Heather is proud to call Brandy Austin Law Firm here home and working as the Senior Paralegal for the Firm brings her much joy in knowing that likeminded people are willing to go above and beyond to assist their community.