Hunter Herrera
Operations Manager at BTHA Holdings

Hunter Herrera

Operations Manager at BTHA Holdings

Location: Arlington, Texas
Phone: 817-841-9906
Fax: 817-484-0280

Hunter was born and raised in the small but growing town of Crowley, Texas. There he lived with his loving family consisting of his mother, younger brother and father. Early in his life his mother passed away after losing her battle with cancer. His father was and continues to be a strong role model for him. For the majority of Hunter’s life his father could be found in the service industry. Growing up Hunter remembers many of the bring your child to work days his father would him and his brother would attend. Little did he know this would feed is love for cooking and creating later in life.

Hunter’s childhood was full of love and care from his father’s family and friends who help raise him and his brother into their teen years. Hunter attended Crowley High School. He enjoyed going to class and making friend, some of which he still in touch with. In his graduating year Crowley High School developed a early career training center where we would rediscover his love for cooking and creating meal for his friends and family. He quickly became the  top of his Culinary Arts course lead by Chef Philpot, where he would study every little thing he could. He eventually he was handed the reigns of the schools Bistro where he learned to prepare and delegate simple hot sandwiches, serve beverages and run the cash register. To this day Hunter uses the skills he learned to prepare food for his friends and family as often as he can.

Having his culinary arts background it made it easy for Hunter to join the job force in food service. He began working as a line cook and a local wing bar in Burleson, Texas call Cocky’s Wing Bar. After awhile he discovered that growth at Cocky’s was limited at that point he decided to leave. A friend convinced him to join him as a delivery driver and later shift leader for the popular pizza delivery establishment Papa John’s. There he developed face to face customer service skill with people from all walks of life. This skill would later be essential to helping him with clients, and anyone who happened to walk into The Brandy Austin Law Firm office feel welcomed and warm.

After 3 years of working for Papa Johns it became clear to Hunter that the pace of growth had slowed down. He discovered a new opportunity as customer service representative (CSR) for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, he developed an understanding for the importance of client security. As CSR he helped keep client information secure and safe by screening each request and following the strict security guidelines set by the Federal Reserve Bank. After a year the travel from Fort Worth to Dallas proved too much to continue.

At the age of 22 he went from a party of one to a party of four overnight. After meeting at a mutual friends get together he and his now fiance quickly began to fall in love. After sometime and trust had been built  his now fiance would introduce him to the next chapter in his life fatherhood. It would begin by meeting his fiance’s pre-started family, her daughter and her son, and just as quickly as he fell in love with her, he  fall in love with them. He began to feel the puzzle coming together and at the age of 25 he and his fiance would open the next chapter of life their with their third child. Now Hunter lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his fiance and children, continuing to be a home supported by love.

Outside of work, Hunter enjoys spending time with his family, streaming movies, episodes of his favorite television shows, youtube internetainment, playing board games and video games. Among their watchlist is The The Game of Thrones, Star Wars movies, The Flash, This is Us, Modern Family, any of the Marvel movies, and Good Mythical Morning just to name a few. They try to go out and spend time together as much as they can.

While he doesn’t consider himself a diehard gamer (anymore) he does like to spend his free time playing games on his home computer Minecraft, Skyrim, Boarderlands series, and more often than not League of Legends (LOL) are among his favorite and most played games. He has been play computer games for a little over a decade but has in recent years found that tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons or Mutants and Masterminds and board games  like Ticket to Ride or Pandemic can be just as immersive and fun to play. Best of all these types of games are easy to travel with and can be taken to family events or friendly get togethers.

It is his mission in life to improve the quality of the lives around him at work or at home. To make everyone feel welcomed, loved or appreciated. Eventually, Hunter plans to go to school to further his education and improve upon his skills to more effectively take on the obstacle in the world around him. Later he would like the opportunity to open his own business to have something to pass down to his children. As a constant he will continue to strive for excellence and continue to work to improve the client/customer experience wherever he finds himself.