Administrative Assistant

My name is Jody L Mings, my maiden name is Jody L Miller. I was born January 28, 1981 in Springfield, MO to supportive parents. I am one of four children in my family, all my immediate family resides throughout Texas. My extended family is in Missouri, South Carolina, or Arizona. My first job was in Healthcare at a Chiropractic office, where I worked throughout my College life. I received an Associates of Applied Science, from Navarro College in Corsicana, TX and I hold a License through the state of Texas for Occupational Therapy Assistant. I have been licensed for more than 16 years, with over 10 years being in Ground level, Area, & Regional Corporate management. I have provided Occupational Therapy to a variety of individuals/diagnoses throughout the state of Texas.

I was ready for a career change so here I am!

I have lived in multiple states in my life from my Birth place Springfield, MO, to Logan, NM and then Midlothian, TX. Once I graduated high school and college, I moved to Dallas to start my career. In Dallas is where I met the father of my children, jobs moved us to HEB, where marriage happened & ended, but we were blessed with our 2 boys. The boys and I moved to Arlington, where we currently reside with our 3 animals (1 Federally Registered Service Dog, 1 Federally Registered Emotional Support Dog & 1 cat).
My boys and I live a busy life, between Church, Academy tackle football GO SPARTANS, Martin Tennis, Orchestra, & Band. During down time, we have family time and watch movies, football or play Skipbo, Uno, Monopoly, or a variety of other games. We enjoy spending time with friends and family during the week and weekends. Summer vacations are important family & friend time, whether we travel to Colorado, Missouri, Galveston or beyond, we find local events to participate in and have fun!

Making memories are the goal in life while living a simple life.

My Oldest son, Kenny, is in 7th Grade, plays Tennis, plays an Upright Bass in Orchestra, plays a Clarinet in Band, is taking all PreAp Classes and wants to obtain a Degree in Veterinarian Medicine from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology, in Denver Colorado. My youngest son, Zach, is in 6th Grade, plays Tackle Football for the SPARTANS through ACAO, a local Academy organization. Zach plays the Viola for Orchestra, he is in all Advanced Classes and wants to obtain a Degree in Engineering while playing Football for Texas A&M. I am the Team Mom for the Zach’s Spartan Football Team and a well-known Fan of the Texas Longhorns, Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars.

In my free time, I love to bake. I often Bake Cakes, Cupcakes or Cookie Cakes for my little side business, Blessed by Cakes. I started Blessed by Cakes in January 2018. My boys named the business as baking is a blessing to others but also to our little family. Baking is a relaxing hobby. Decorating the cakes, cupcakes or Cookie Cakes to specifications of the order, is fun. I accept challenges in my business and will provide to the best of my ability what the customer wants. My goal is to bring happiness to the customers and to myself when I see the customers face light up.
I also like to read books, self-help books, mystery books, and occasional religious books, other than the Bible.
Relaxing doesn’t happen much day to day, but if I have down time I would want to listen to music and be in the back yard, working on my plants or gardening.

While I am so busy, with kids, family, friends and animals, I try to keep life in perspective. I have rose up against many struggles in my life from Divorce to protecting my Kids and receiving Sole Custody of my Precious Boys. Thankfully the Boys’ father is coming around and doing what he has to do to have a relationship with our boys. Another struggle that most individuals my age generally doesn’t deal with is, Life can be taken from you in a blink of an eye. My family, kids and friends know this first hand as I am a 3-year survivor of Brain Surgery. I have what is called a Chiari, and surgery was required to relieve pressure and open areas up to allow room. I also have battled a couple scares of cancer.
As I have battled the struggles in life, through my Faith in God and support from Family, Friends and my Precious Boys I have come out stronger and with a brighter perspective of life.

I am Brandy’s Administrative Assistant at her Law Firm, Brandy Austin Law Firm, here in Arlington, TX. Brandy employing me has been a blessing, that came at the right time of being laid off from a wonderful hospital I had worked at for almost 9 years and had 21 years of Tenure with the entire company. Upon starting at Brandy Austin Law Firm, I immediately felt like I have found a new work family. Everyone is welcoming and helpful. Although I have been in Healthcare for a long period of time, this change in careers is a perfect fit for me. I look forward to coming to work and feel so blessed while I am here assisting in whatever ways are needed. Learning new things in life just makes one more successful.

Through my struggles, I know that with my input with Brandy Austin Law Firm team, we can assist you with any legal needs you have. Nothing is too small or too big that we can’t help you with your legal troubles. Please do not hesitate to call, so we can help you walk or run on this journey to happiness without troubles.

The Key to life is to live a simple life, there is nothing so big that you should stress about it, everything will work out how it is supposed to.

Give 210% to everything you do and you will be successful.