Jonna Lang
Attorney Liaison

Jonna Lang

Director of Administration

I was born June 21,1990 in Fort Worth, TX to the best mother that has existed. From what I have been told I would not stop crying and while everyone else in the room hated it my doctor said it music to his ears. Growing up in single parent household taught me a lot and helped me learn about life a lot faster than most. I knew very young that education was key to being successful and creating a stable life. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time in school and once I turned 15 or 16 I dropped out of school and started working. I received my G.E.D. at around 17 years old and then got my CNA licenses and started working in a nursing home. After a couple of years working various jobs I decided to move out of the city to my parents in Whitney, TX. While I was in Whitney I worked for a coffee shop and a bank as a teller. A lot of the people I worked with were getting their degrees and talking about what they wanted to do with their future. I was encouraged hearing people's stories and eventually my passion for an education and successful future was back. I tried attending an online college but ended up failing my first semester and thought maybe I was ready or maybe I was smart enough, so I took a year off.

During my year off I focused on my health and thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I realized that I had always had a passion for helping others and fighting for a cause so I researched degrees with helping other people as their focus. My research pointed me towards social work so I contacted the local junior college and spoke to an advisor and I signed up for community college. After two semesters I moved to Maryland, Virginia and back to Arlington,Texas but continued at the community college by taking online classes. During that time I also failed my fourth semester but when I returned to DFW I applied to The University of Texas at Arlington and was accepted into the Social Work program. My second semester and my third semesters I added two minors to my degree program and a diversity certificate.

I loved college and I was thriving. I joined a women's leadership program, a leadership honors program, a global change organization, and the Center For African American Studies Emerging Scholars Program. I did my best to network so that I would have connections once I was out of college. Participating in different organizations and learning about other cultures I noticed that there were somethings that needed to change so I decided that once I completed my undergrad I would attend law school and become an attorney. I contacted the Pre-Law Center at my university and applied for an internship for a law firm. I actually had no clue what firm I was applying to and I had no idea what I would be doing but I knew that if I didn't take the risk I would never know if I could get the internship. Some how they liked me and I got the internship at Brandy Austin Law Firm. I interned there throughout the summer while also working full time at Starbucks and taking three classes. When summer ended Brandy Austin Law Firm asked if I would stay as the marketing director. Again I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I wanted a career in law and I would be stupid to pass up the opportunity to work in a law firm. As the marketing director I help with all social media platforms, help with filming the firm's live show, and help plan events throughout the year. I have learned many things about since starting with the Brandy Austin Law Firm and as I continue my journey through school I hope that I continue to learn and grow.

I graduate May 2018 with my BSW and plan to continue my education in law. While being the marketing director isn’t direct hands on with cases I still have the opportunity to hear certain aspects of law, learn about the business of law, and how to treat people with respect. Working at the Brandy Austin Law Firm has given me the opportunity to have a balance between my job and family. I have two older sisters that I enjoy spending time with along with their children. I have seven nieces and nephews that keep me busy on the weekends. Spending time with my family is very important and I am lucky enough to have time to spend with them. I have a three-year-old Alaskan Malamute that never stops shedding and I have been married two years April 24th. My stepfather has been one of my biggest supporters through college and I couldn't be more thankful. My graduation is a huge milestone for someone in my family and every day I do my best to make those around me proud.

I have been blessed in life to experience many of the things I have experienced and to have the opportunities I have. It is important to me that I wake up every day and make it the best it can be. I try to have gratitude for what I already have and work hard for the things that I want. Working as the marketing director for Brandy Austin Law Firm is a learning experience everyday but I have fun with it, stay positive, and try to lift spirits in the office any chance that I get. I remain committed every day and do my best every chance I have. It is important that whatever environment I am in I leave only positivity behind. Negativity isn’t helpful, and I have made the decision to try to bring a little light wherever I go including the company I work for, Brandy Austin Law Firm.