Loren Denney
Office Manager

Loren Denney

Office Manager

Loren grew up in East Boston, Massachusetts. She has an older brother and sister and was happily surrounded by both parents’ sides of the family. After both of her parents received jobs at American Airlines, they decided to move to Arlington, Texas.

Her sister, who was in college, stayed in Boston, along with the rest of her family, who are still currently residing in the New England Area.

Loren lost her father after his struggle with Emphysema. They were very close. He taught her how to love music and enjoy the little things. Because of her father, Loren developed a love for Elvis Presley. They travelled to Graceland together when she was about 9 years old, and he shared his stories of his experiences of his love for Elvis.

One of her favorite stories her shared was the one of her parents first date. Her father chose to attend Elvis’ funeral instead of meeting her, she forgave him pretty quickly and they were married for 28 years before he passed away in 2001.

During high school Loren was active in sports and events at school. She was on the volleyball team and ran track and cross country. She was also in the marching band and played the Tuba, being the shortest tuba player on the field. During high school, the band received awards for the performances and the tuba line was considered one of the best around. Getting up early in the morning and practicing late into the evening in rain or shine taught Loren how to keep with something and push for what you believe in, no matter how hard the work.

Years after graduating high school, Loren began a family of her own and got married.

While she was married, her husband was placed on active duty and served a tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  She lived on the army post in Ft Hood Texas, where it was just her and her son. Loren was an active member of the military family clubs, mother and child groups and enjoyed the comfort of knowing she was so close with the other mothers on the army base.

Loren loves her children, but now that they are older, she loves spending most of her free time with them. Together, they enjoy hiking, exploring and creating family meals together.  Loren enjoys the closeness that they share.  She also enjoys playing classic arcade games and pinball games. She enjoys them so much in fact, that she has an arcade at her house that includes 15 pinball machines and about 16 arcade machines is a member of a woman’s pinball league in the area and has attended festivals and events specifically dedicated to pinball. A few of her favorite games include Blackout, Gorgar and the classic arcade game Mortal Kombat.  Her son also shares her joy of classic arcades. He has participated in a few pinball tournaments, placing higher than anyone his age group.  More things that Loren enjoys is history especially WW2 and learning about the past presidents, reading, watching movies and listening to true crime podcasts. Loren is also a believer in the paranormal. She enjoys going on ghost tours in all of the cities or towns that she visits. Along with the ghost tours, Loren has visited numerous cemeteries.

When she got a bit older, she decided to go back to school, and she enrolled in the Culinary Arts program at Tarrant County College. As a double major, Loren decided to incorporate Nutrition to add to her degree plan.

Loren found her true passion with healthy concepts of creating wonderful, delicious meals. She felt confident learning that the meals also helped people add the best form of nutrients, which made her feel fulfilled knowing that she was making people happy and healthy by her dishes, especially her family.

During her studies in culinary arts, Loren traveled with a small group of fellow students, to Italy for a study program. They attended courses in Parma, Rome, Venice, Florence and Ferrara.

Spending time in a foreign country while enjoying the views and studies, Loren learned first-hand the detailed more in-depth style of Italian cuisine and received a certificate specializing in Italian Cuisine from an Italian cooking school in Rome. She hopes one day to go back, as well as to travel to India, Cambodia and Egypt to learn the cuisines and cultures.

Loren worked in the restaurant industry for years after college, starting in the front of the house as a server, to server trainer then trying her hand in the back of the house as a cook and even a dishwasher. Sticking with the hospitality industry, Loren has been a health coach and was a private chef for a while. With her skills and knowledge of food, she was also an instructor at a coffee school teaching people the history, extraction methods and different styles of coffee.

Since moving past the hospitality industry, she decided to continue her education. She is currently pursuing her degree to become a Holistic Health and Wellness Nutrition Practitioner as well as her master herbalist certification. Her dream one day is to open her own apothecary that offers nutrition classes, as well as natural handmade body products. She is not only passionate knowing about what goes in the body, but also what is put on the body.

After working in the hospitality industry for years, Loren decided that for the benefit of her family, she wanted to not only continue with her education, but find a more suitable position for herself and her family.

She always found an interest in law, which led her to the position she is now in, the Attorney Liaison. With the years of customer service skills from the hospitality industry, she enjoys helping people with anything customer service related.

Loren is still very passionate about her sports teams from New England and continues to stick with the east coast Italian family traditions that she grew up with as well as her love for Elvis.