Maria Mercedes Torres

Maria Mercedes Torres

Maria Mercedes Torres is a legal assistant for the Brandy Austin Law Firm.  Maria initiated her path into the legal field at Brandy Austin Law Firm in June of 2016. Her starting position at the firm was a part time office assistant and translator for our Spanish speaking clients; while working a full time job. All the hard work and dedication she invested in the firm has been substantial, and was promoted as our full time Family Law legal assistant on December of 2016. Since, she has been transferred to the Personal Injury department where she continues her hard work and dedication.

As a legal assistant of the Brandy Austin Law Firm Maria is responsible for the initial process of a personal injury claim. This consists of opening claims, confirming client’s coverages, and communicating with clients. She periodically contacts clients to address any questions or concerns and also provide clients with any updates in a clients case. Maria also translates for the firm. She often translates for the Family Law department, and just about any area of practice that needs her bilingual skills.

Aside from assisting at the firm Maria also attends to marketing/networking events on behalf of the Brandy Austin Law Firm. Maria attends to Business Over Breakfast also known as B.O.B. and the Chamber After Hours hosted by the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Maria is also familiar with the networking group B.N.I Shady Valley were she occasionally attends.

Maria graduated from the Oscar Dean Wyatt High School in June 2014. During her high school career Maria was a member of the Marching/Concert Band. In band she participated in several U.I.L. Competitions while playing the Saxophone. Her senior year in Marching Band Maria set her saxophone aside to play the role of Drum Major. Maria is also a sports fanatic. In high school she played Softball and Soccer. Maria experienced the college life right after high school and after her experience in the legal field Maria has been encouraged to further her education in the legal field. She will be returning to school in the Fall of 2018.

Outside of the law firm Maria lives an average life of a young adult. Maria was born in Durango, Durango Mexico and raised in the United States of America. She is the oldest of three children and the only girl. There is a 17 year gap between her and her younger brother. She enjoys to spend time with her siblings and often forgets her own age as she’s enjoying the activities with the her younger brothers. Maria did not continue her career in sports but still supports her favorite teams. Her favorite soccer team is Club America, they are part of the Mexican League, “Liga MX”. Her favorite baseball team is the Texas Rangers she often enjoys attending their games. Even though Maria does not understand the concept of Football she happily sits next to her significant other and cheers for the Dallas Cowboys. Maria also loves to travel and spend time outdoors.