Legal Assistant

Megan Ward

I was born and raised in Southern Maryland, right on the Patuxent River. I have been drawn to the water since I was a child. I grew up with my father and brother until I turned 7 when my father remarried. I gained a stepmother and a younger sister. Growing up I loved sports and still do. I played competitive Volleyball and Softball from the age of 10 till 21. My senior year of High school I was able to compete in our state championship for Volleyball where we won the game. I was given the award of first team all-state Libero. At this game I was approached by a college coach asking me to join their volleyball team. I decided to continue with Volleyball when I started college in the fall. I went to college in a Small town in western Maryland known as Frostburg which had no water at all, but we did get rigid temperatures. After my sophomore year of College, I decided to take on a double major which had taken me away from playing Volleyball the remaining 2 years. In December 2018 I graduated with a double major in Business Administration and Legal Studies. I would spend most of my summer breaks from College in Ocean City, Maryland working as a bartender and enjoying living walking distance from the Ocean.

I met my husband at Frostburg State University in 2016. We got married in the Spring of 2019 in North Carolina where he was currently stationed. Shortly after we had gotten married, we found out that he was getting stationed in Anchorage, Alaska with the Army.  We decided to drive 13 days from Virginia to Alaska. We drove 6 hours a day, while spending some time in each state that we traveled through. We got to tour the Kentucky Derby, saw the place the Wringling Brothers held their first circus, ate a cheese board for the first time in Wisconsin, walked around the Chicago zoo and saw amazing mountain views along the way. We stopped in approximately 10 different states, as well as traveled 1500 miles through Canada. After about a month in Alaska, we got our first puppy, she is a rescue German Shepherd named Lilly. She turned two in April. Lilly has hip dysplasia causing her hip joint to pop out of socket during everyday activities. In May she received surgery to ease her pain in her hip and help her be able to run again. She has been doing extremely well since the surgery and enjoys playing fetch. During the time of her recovery, we got another German Shepherd puppy names Riggs. He is a super energetic and playful puppy. He loves running and jumping to catch his frisbee. He enjoys the snow in Alaska most of all and spends many hours licking and eating it throughout his potty breaks. They are working dogs so although they enjoy learning new commands and tricks, they are extremely spoiled when it comes to toys, treats and loads of love.

Alaska is extremely cold in the winters, as you could imagine. Summers only reach about a high of 75 and average 60-65. I found a passion for hiking during the warmer months and the view from the top of the mountains makes the hike extremely rewarding. Blueberries are very popular in Alaska. If you hike to the top of most of the mountains there are patches of blueberries that are free to pick. Many natives spend their summers picking pounds of blueberries to have for the winter. Alaska is known for their wildlife, mainly, the moose and bears that roam the woods. I never had an encounter with a bear while hiking, but I have seen many moose outside of my front door. In the winter times, I spent majority of the months learning to snowboard. There are many ski resorts to enjoy different mountain ranges. Alaska Snow is extremely hard due to the amount of ice that accumulates through the winter months so learning how to stop and not fall were crucial in my snowboarding journey. I have always been a skier so having both feet strapped into one board was a very different experience. It was a harder adjustment than I had thought it was going to be. There are very limited activities to do in the winter because of the negative temperatures. I decided to spend those months continuing my education.

I have always dreamt of becoming a Lawyer since I was a child. When I graduated College, I did not want to go straight to Law School because I was unsure if I wanted to continue with Legal Studies or Business Management. I wanted to make sure that was the right path for me, and it would be something I was still passionate in. While in Alaska I had the ability to work as a Law Office Assistant and from there my passion for law has continued to grow. In March 2019 I went back to school at the University of Texas at Arlington to achieve my Paralegal Degree. I graduate from that program with a 3.99 GPA and was able to receive my Paralegal Certificate. I hope to continue my education and apply to Law schools in the upcoming months. I have a passion for many different areas of law. I hope to find the one I love working with through this experience and hopefully I will be able to excel in that area.

My husband was born in Fort Worth. When he was 12 his family moved to Virginia where he has stayed until he joined the Army. He has always dreamed of moving back to Texas. When we found out that he was finishing his contract with the Army, we decided that it was the perfect time to make Texas our home. This is my first time even visiting Texas, let alone be moving. Through my time here I have fallen in love with the sunsets and open skies Texas provides. It is very different from the living situations I am used too, that being the Ocean. I will definitely be making every family vacation from here on out near the Ocean.