Natalie Holtz
Attorney Liaison

I was born and raised in a small but rapidly growing town in East Texas known as Tyler, TX by both of my parents. I had two siblings, both sisters and grew up very close to them. I went to John Tyler High School where the infamous Earl Campbell went to high school. I made many friends while growing up those of which I am still very close with and others that moved in other directions.  As I began my journey to figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I moved to Arlington, TX and decided to go to Court Reporting school.  I became a certified Court Reporter for the state of Texas in 2004.  I graduated Court Reporting school with a 3.9-grade average. I was determined to do well and did just that. I worked as a Court Reporter and Videographer for about 6 years and then decided to get married and start a family.  I was very fortunate to be able to stay home with my babies for about 8 years.


While I was staying at home I started a Mary Kay business and worked it as a business.  I started growing a team and working my way to Directorship.  I met a lot of really incredible women while working my business and made some lifetime friendships as well.  I joined the Power of Heels Women's group and met with other women once a month to get new ideas, have lunch, and share our business plans together so we could all grow our businesses as women in America today. While working as a consultant with Mary Kay I was able to help take care of my family along with my husband.


Both of my most favorite occupations included being around people and assisting people with different needs.  I love building relationships with new people.  I do not meet a stranger.  I believe that people are interesting and fun to be around.  With that being said, I felt being an Attorney Liaison would be a great fit for me since I love being around people.


I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband to help and assist in raising my sweet babies.  I feel like I have the best of both worlds and I feel very fortunate.  Family is very important to me.  The dynamics of a family unit is a beautiful thing to me. When our children became of age, we decided to raise our children in a modest town just south of Arlington, TX. We live in a small town and the school districts were the right fit for our family. Both of my children are very athletic and enjoy doing anything outdoors.


In my spare time, I enjoy watching my son play baseball and my daughter play softball. We spend a lot of extra time on the weekends at their games.  When I have time, I love white water rafting, spending time with family, and shopping.  If and when I am able, I love to visit the mountains and enjoy being in the outdoors.  Colorado is one of my most favorite vacation spots.  Utah also offers a lot of beautiful scenery.  I really wish I had more time to travel and hope one day when I retire, I am able to travel as much as possible.


I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Brandy Austin Law firm and look forward to assisting you in getting the best representation in town.  I wake up each day with a positive attitude and try my best to be a better version of myself with every new day.  Life is short and it's important that you take it all in with grace and gratitude.