Samantha Ortiz Flores

Samantha Ortiz Flores

Legal Assistant

Samantha Ortiz has been raised by her loving family in Texas. She graduated from a high school in Fort Worth and continued her education in a university in Fort Worth. She has a lot of love for Texas.

Samantha graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in 2020 where she majored in political science. Samantha grew up being very close to her family. She has a younger sister who is in high school. Her younger sister is also interested in a career in politics.

Samantha has a very supportive mother and father who she is really grateful to have. Her mother had her at a very young age, so they both grew up together, creating a tight bond between the two. Her father has always taught her how to be an independent woman. However, knowing how to change her own tire and wanting to do so are completely separate things, so it’s safe to say that she struggles with actually being independent.

Nearly as loved and ranking dangerously close to most liked by all of her family members are her two dogs, Buddy and Maxi. They are incredibly spoiled. Both dogs are beautiful black labs, and just like most Labrador retrievers, they are incredibly sweet and intelligent. Buddy is growing older, and that’s scary for both Samantha and Maxi.

Another thing that Samantha loves to do is travel. It’s most people’s goal to travel the world, and that goal is not excluded from her bucket list. Her plans to travel have never strayed, and her list for places she would like to visit continues to grow. One of the places she would love to visit is Italy, specifically for the amazing food, but the sights, culture, and history are also important. When it comes to travel, she always makes it a goal to include at least one trip a year to visit her family in her hometown in Mexico.

Her favorite thing to do when visiting a new location for vacation is to hike and explore “haunted” areas. After every slight scare at a haunted location, Samantha gets scared over any small noise for at least a week after. She blames this on watching “The Ring” at an early age. This is especially surprising because as a child, she could not watch Scooby-Doo or Coward the Cowardly Dog, and she has yet to watch any slightly scary Tim Burton movie.

Whenever she gets dragged to a horror movie showing, she brings a blanket and makes sure to only look at the corner of the screen during a scary scene. Moving on to sweeter thoughts; her love for chocolate. Having always had a big sweet tooth, she is very fond of chocolate, cinnamon rolls, and waffles with strawberry toppings. She has also recently found that she’s a fan of pie, as long as the pie has fruit stuffing. However, nothing beats her love for chocolate cake. She has yet to find the perfect one and remains on the lookout for the lifechanging slice.

Samantha’s interest in politics began at a very young age. Growing up, Samantha would hear stories from her great grandfather about his experience as a Bracero. Her great-grandfather worked in California in the strawberry fields. He would speak about how prior to the activism strikes and marches led by Chaves, he didn’t quite realize how poor the conditions truly were. In his mind, he was simply grateful to have a job opportunity that paid more than what he has been earning in Mexico. He worked as a Bracero for several years prior to National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) founded by activist Cesar Chavez. Hearing about how conditions were and how conditions became after the NFWA really inspired Samantha to do as much as she possibly could to improve the life of others, especially those who have no idea what legal options they have. She is very passionate about the injustices faced in the world, especially since she herself has experienced discrimination. With improving her community and the life of others constantly in her mind, Samantha made it a goal to do something meaningful with her career.

At first, and possibly due to too many nights binge-watching Criminal Minds, her dream was to become a phycologist and study the behavior or criminals. However, the more stories that were told to her of the experiences that Samantha’s great grandfather had lived through trying to provide a better life for his family, the more that she began to look into policies and social justice organizations.

Samantha became the first person in her family to go to college. Setting a path for her sister to follow is something that she was always told to do, and she feels proud to have accomplished that. In less than a year, Samantha will be the first one to graduate college. Her goal of making her parents proud will be complete, but her own personal goal of advancing her career by going to law school will have just begun, and she’s very excited to further her education and do as much as she can to help all in her community.

Although she has many future plans to do big things to help, she is also doing as much as she can right now. Her career goal is to work for a non-profit organization doing as much as she can to assist those around her. Although she’s not sure on which direction she wants to go to accomplish these goals of her, she has always found support through friends, family, and coworkers.

Working in the family law department with Brandy and Emily has been exciting and very educational. There has been so much information and advice that she has received. Samantha is very grateful for the great experience that working at the Brandy Austin Law Firm has provided. For that reason, and because she has a great understanding of how great everyone works together to form a very unified team, Samantha is very happy knowing that each client will receive amazing care from the team at the Brandy Austin Law Firm.