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  In Texas, two people can have a common law marriage which can be proved by: A present agreement between two people to be married and to present themselves to the public as a married couple, They cohabit in this state as a married couple, and They present themselves to the public as a married […]

The family may have to go through probate when their loved one passes and it has negative connotations surrounding the process. It can be a lengthy process, but usually it is completed in a timely manner. Why would an estate have to go through probate? 1. Probate Process Validates the Will In order for the […]

While a pair of cheap sunglasses might seem like a great deal — and an easy way to protect your eyes — you might be surprised to learn that this isn’t necessarily true. As your eye doctor can explain, ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause damage to your eyes just like it can cause damage to […]

Safety is paramount when riding a Truck. Being involved in a Truck versus car accident is all too often more deadly, much more so for those travelling in a vehicle such as an ordinary car. As a Truck rider, the following safety suggestions may keep you safer when you ride. Practice Makes Perfect If you’ve […]

If you’re someone who recently suffered an injury, you’re probably struggling to balance the medical bills, accident documentation, your professional career, and caring for your family despite the physical debilitation. When all of these stresses come together at once, it can be hard for the afflicted individual to take a step back and recognize that […]

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