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Sometimes our loved ones need help with managing financial and/or personal matters. Many times the court needs to intervene, whether it be due to age, incapacity, or some other circumstance, and appoint someone as guardian. A person’s guardian accepts responsibility for the financial, legal and/or personal needs of the incapacitated person. The guardian regularly reports to the court on the status of the incapacitated person’s personal and financial status. This is a difficult process to navigate and emotionally taxing on the families involved. All families with aging family members should consider establishing powers of attorney for healthcare and durable powers of attorney for property. Advanced planning is critically important. Powers of attorney must be established before a person loses the capacity to execute the required documentation. Without advance planning, your family may find itself in a situation where establishing a guardianship is necessary for the proper care of your elderly family member. A guardian can be appointed to accept responsibility for the financial or personal needs, or both, of an incapacitated person. This can be a difficult process to navigate and emotionally taxing on the family members involved. The team at Brandy Austin Law Firm can help you through this difficult time. We can educate you about the guardianship process and set reasonable expectations for next steps. And walk you through every step of the process while answering any question you may have.

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We pride ourselves on educating you about guardianship under current Texas State law and pointing you in the right direction for putting your loved ones life in order. The legal issues and are best assessed on an individual basis during a free consultation. Call us today to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable attorneys and legal professionals today at (800)958-4948.

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