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Probate administration differs from state to state. In Texas, there are a few peculiarities to the probate process. If you are named as the executor in someone’s will or are the person in your family who is responsible for sorting through assets after a death, Brandy Austin Law Firm, can assist you.

Probate is the legal process of managing and settling the estate of a deceased person who had a valid Will. Estate Administration is the legal process of managing and settling the estate of a deceased person who did not have a valid Will. In almost all cases, either Probate or Estate Administration is necessary to pass title of an asset from the deceased to a beneficiary.

Our firm represents executors, family members, and beneficiaries during the probate and estate administration process. We can advise clients about the most effective way to avoid and/or settle disputes related to an estate.

To Probate Or Not To Probate?

Not everything will need to go through the probate process:

  • Some banks accounts are held jointly — with a surviving spouse, for example. The funds in the account will go directly to the survivor.
  • Life insurance payments are generally made without going through probate. There are exceptions if a trust owns the policy and not the deceased, or if the estate set up other life insurance trusts.
  • Also, ownership of some real property held in joint tenancy will automatically transfer to the surviving joint tenant upon the death of the other. There is no need to probate some types of property ownership for title to transfer upon death.

The size of the estate can also determine the proper probate procedure to follow, if any.

If the deceased person owed money to any person or business, those debts would need to be paid from the assets of the estate before any other disbursements can be made, in most circumstances.

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Brandy Austin Law Firm has helped many families through the complex probate administration process, both in contested and uncontested cases. We can also help you if no probate is needed, which is efficient and cost-effective.

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