Child Custody Lawyer In Arlington, TX

Child Custody Lawyer Arlington, TX

If you are going through a divorce and have children, you will need to address where your children will live, how they will spend time with each parent and who will make decisions about legal issues like medical care.

We Know That Custody Decisions Are Extremely Difficult To Make

We understand that these are difficult decisions, especially if the divorce is very contentious. As a loving parent, you do not want your children to suffer or be put in the middle of the divorce. Our experienced child custody lawyers can help you work through the painful process of dividing your children’s time between two households. You can set up a free consultation by calling 800-958-4948.

Custody in general encompasses the concepts of physical custody and legal custody, which give a parent two distinct types of “custody” over their children. It is possible for the court to allow both parents to have joint legal and physical custody of their children or a combination of the two.

  • Legal custody gives a parent the right to make legal decisions about their child, such as authorizing a child to receive a vaccine at a visit to the pediatrician.
  • Physical custody gives a parent the right to have the child physically present and living in his or her home.
  • Parents serving in the military and unable to visit their children while away on active duty are afforded certain custody protections if the spouse files for divorce.

Child custody issues can also come up long after a divorce is final. Regardless of what your divorce decree states, you or your ex-spouse may need to ask the court to modify an existing custody order. Depending upon the reason for the modification request, it may or may not be granted.

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If you are contemplating divorce or facing custody modification or visitation issues later on, please contact us. We are experienced and compassionate and we can guide you through the divorce and post-divorce legal procedures.

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