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Estate planning is another way of making sure that your family will be taken care of in the future. Life insurance, property and savings accounts are great first steps. But, knowing how things will all fall into place when you are gone is impossible without a legally enforceable estate plan that includes a will to coordinate everything.

You Can Avoid Family Strife By Having A Life Or Estate Plan For The Future

It might be difficult to believe that family members might not agree how their inheritance should be divided after your death, or that a significant part of what you bequeath might be subject to high tax rates when transferred to your surviving relatives. But these events and many others come up regularly.

The estate and financial planning attorneys and legal team of Brandy Austin Law Firm, are experienced at helping individuals plan their estates to avoid these and worse problems after they are gone. An estate plan is more than just crafting a will; we will perform a complete inventory of your estate, both assets and liabilities, and design a unique plan for you.

A unique estate plan takes into consideration all of the tax consequences and even the potential family conflicts that might result from your decisions. Our goal is to minimize both and maximize the amount of assets available to your family members. Additionally, inheritance tax laws change over time, as do the people and the relationships in your life.

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We can schedule a review of your current estate plan to make certain that your circumstances are still in line with your wishes today. We also serve clients in Arlington and Burleson, Texas.

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