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Setting up a new business requires a lot of planning, and you need to consider everything from start to finish. Even established enterprises require ongoing monitoring to ensure that they comply with the numerous and often onerous government requirements.

You Need Business Advice From Experienced Legal Professionals

We often see clients who are excited about a brilliant new business idea and cannot wait to get out into the market and start selling. Although the idea is brilliant, as is the entrepreneur, he or she does not understand the legal and tax considerations of setting up and running a business.

Our business lawyers and legal team have assisted many new and ongoing businesses with legal issues. We can help you during all stages of business development and collaborate with other professionals as needed. We also provide general counsel services to many local and regional businesses that offer a variety of goods and services.

We assist clients with the following business and commercial matters:

  • Choice of business entity, such as partnership, corporation or limited liability
  • General counsel services
  • Liability issues
  • Insurance
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Client disputes

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is an emotional decision as well as a financial one. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are among the most common for the general public. Some people have knowingly made financial mistakes, others were thrown a curve ball after a traumatic life event such as suffering from an illness or losing a job. Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers many people the second chance they need to get past difficult life experiences and move on with their life.

We Coordinate The Legal And Non-Legal Services You Need To Run Your Business

The attorneys and legal team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, offer experienced legal services and planning to established and startup businesses throughout Texas, including Burleson and Arlington. We offer a free consultation and flexible meeting times and locations.

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