Entrepreneurs and New Businesses

Entrepreneurs and New Businesses

Serving Arlington And Surrounding Communities

We have dedicated, small business attorneys and legal professionals that are well-versed in the small business arena. We understand the needs of smaller companies in the area and provide individualized counsel designed to help your company adapt to growth and change, both good and bad. It is our goal to help your company build a solid foundation and the unknown pitfalls that come with operating a business. We provide a variety of services to help refine business plans, structure financing, implement technology strategies, implement earth-friendly plans that help you achieve growth and success.

Our New Business Services Include The Following:

Business Entity Formation, Bylaws/Operating Agreement, Stock Certificates;

Corporation Minutes/Declarations;

Negotiations – in-person, by phone, Skype, or letter;

Plan & Agreement for Future Ownership Changes;

DBA Filing and EIN;

Partnership or Joint Venture Agreements;

Commercial Leases, Financing, or Closing Document Review;

Draft Service Agreements;

Review Contracts and Letters;

Client/Customer Contract or Template for Your Specific Business;

Independent Contractor Contract or Template for Your Specific Business;

Partnership/Membership/Shareholder Agreements;

Website Review;

Privacy Policy & Website Terms of Use;

Review Status of Independent Contractor(s);

Employee Related Services; and

Monthly Email Checkin and Advice as Needed.

We will also assist you and your business in conjunction with your CPA, or, if you prefer, a CPA we work with, to develop a plan to lower your business tax base. The more growth you experience, the more taxes liability and money you will owe. We can guide you in the right direction and to the right people to help minimize your liabilities.

Client Review

“Y’all take excellent care of your clients. We have never worked with a firm as kind & helpful as you guys are to our practice members! Thank you Brandy Austin Law Firm for always going above & beyond to help people.”

Lauren Jessup Alvarado DC
Client Review

Why Call Our Firm Before Your Business Is Up And Running?

Because it’s the perfect time to protect you, your family, and your investments! We can make sure your business is set up correctly, quickly, and efficiently so you can get started or continue to grow. We can help advise you on legal issues to keep moving forward with your business and help you feel less overwhelmed from all of the legal to-do’s, choices, and concerns.

We Are a Great Option For Your Business

Brandy Austin has been an entrepreneur since she was 7-years-old. She has had several businesses and has a wide variety of knowledge. Owning and operating a business is where she excels. She is excited about new growth and ideas and would be happy to talk about your business, openly and honestly.

Our attorney, Justin Whiddon, has a business background, as well. He attended the Sam M. Walton School of Business and majored in marketing and minored in finance. He is very familiar with the oil and gas industry and now focuses his practice primarily on small business and commercial litigation.

We encourage you to 800-958-4948 to arrange a free in-office consultation, or contact us online to discuss your business or business idea with one of our small business attorneys or legal professionals.

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