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What is a concussion? One of the most commonly ignored injuries in a car accident is a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a blow to the head or forceful shaking, both of which can be caused by a car accident. This causes the brain to move rapidly inside the skull, causing bruising, injury to nerves, or damage to the blood vessels. There are three grades of concussions:   Grade
Brandy Austin Law firm uses technology in ways to make being a client with our firm easier and more efficient.  Technology has become an important tool in law firms all across America.  We understand that using technology will improve the quality, efficiency, and client experience while being a part of our legal family.  Over 90% of people you meet today, use technology in some sort of fashion.  Maybe you use it at work or within
            The heart of any personal injury claim is always going to be the claimant’s medical treatment and resulting bills. Insurance companies use the bills and records for your treatment to evaluate your claim. However, insurance companies do not weigh all treatments equally when evaluating a claim. Holistic medicine may be what is best for you and your injuries, but will an insurance adjuster feel the same way? It is an unfortunate reality that many
Can you recover damages from an animal attack? When people think of Personal Injury cases, the most common answer people think of first is car wrecks. Most people are not aware that an animal attack is a recoverable personal injury claim. There are many elements that go into a successful animal attack personal injury case but most start off with the fact of did you incur medical expenses from the attack? Did you have to
The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month begins in the middle of the month of September and ends in the middle of the month of October; September 15-October 15. The reason for this is to make the month coincide with national independence days in several Latin American countries. Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica celebrate their independence days on September 15th Mexico celebrates its Independence Day on September 16th Chile celebrates its Independence Day
As the economy expands and individual assets increase throughout the country, estate planning becomes even more important to safeguarding a secure future. Despite popular belief, estate planning is relevant not only to America’s top one percent but also to the working class. College students need an estate plan, as well. A will allows individuals with families, homes, financial accounts, businesses, or various physical assets to designate ownership after death and mitigate avoidable disputes regarding the
What is bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding for individuals or businesses when they incur debt beyond their ability to pay back. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a court process that allows individuals to either wipe out their debt or help them consolidate and negotiate the cost down. Bankruptcy is sometimes seen as a bad thing however life can throw you curve balls and some financial decisions are made out of desperation and need.  Should I
Due to the growing uncertainty surrounding in-person education, many parents are currently struggling to choose the appropriate schooling avenue for their children during back to school custody conversations. Although the back-to-school season is difficult for married couples, divorced parents typically struggle even more to determine logistics and establish routines. Typically, custody disputes peak around the beginning of the Fall semester as parents begin to plan the return of their students to the classroom. Although this
Length The average length for lawsuits will be different depending on the desired outcome, the amount of cooperation from the opposing side, or opposing counsel. For a personal injury lawsuit, they may take around 6 months to close out after the Plaintiff’s Original Petition has been filed, but it can also last from two to three years. Most civil law cases also tend to take about one to three years. The fastest way to end
A recent study from the National Center for Health Statistics indicates that around 31 million people are severely injured across the United States each year. Typically, those individuals require extensive medical treatment to heal any injuries sustained during the offending incidents. In the United States, a vast portion of civil litigation is composed of personal injury lawsuits that attempt to impose liability on harmful actors in pursuit of damages for injured plaintiffs. Common personal injury

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