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Vacations often take a lot of planning and getting involved in an accident or injury can instantly disrupt all those careful plans. Even a relatively minor injury can make any kind of travel a non-starter. Whether it’s a trip out of country, out of state, or even out of town, an injury can permanently cancel all of your upcoming plans to see friends, family, go sight-seeing, or enjoy a little rest and relaxation. It’s bad
Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC – Personal Injury Lawyers Going to the theater to see a movie should be a fun, easy trip where you relax and enjoy the cinema. Unfortunately, through the negligence of others, a nice relaxing trip to the theater could end up with you in the hospital. There are many different factors that are involved in a slip and fall. This includes anything from injuries and treatment to who might be
Thanksgiving is about spending time at home with your family and friends. Therefore, whether it be spending time inside eating and watching TV or going out it is important to be careful and be safe in this time. The holidays cause people to travel, making it one of the busiest days of travel across the United States. Due to the massive increase of people on the road at one time, car crashes are the most
When it comes to child restraint laws, parents of newborn children often must take into consideration the legal restrictions set by their individual state both as a guideline for best practice as well as a way to avoid legal trouble. In this process of understanding, there are a number of questions raised relating to legal definitions and requirements. This blog will detail some of these questions, and provide feedback based on TxDPS child passenger safety
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College Student Steps on Explosive Imagine going on vacation and at the end of your vacation learning you have to have a limb amputated. This is exactly what happened to an 18-year old college student in July of 2016. The Music Engineering student from Virginia was in New York’s Central Park with two friends who were vacationing with him. The three young men were climbing rocks; little did they know there was some type of
Accidental injuries can occur anywhere, often when you least expect them, with impacts that affect your life both now and in the future. While slip and fall accidents in particular are among the most common type of injury, many people are unaware of their legal rights when it comes to getting compensation. These injuries, though often attributed as being accidental or due to clumsiness on the part of the victim, often result from the negligent and
  Who is Responsible for Amusement Park Injuries Most people look forward to a day at an amusement park. You’ve planned out your day from food to rides. However, you never plan on the potential dangers for these parks. A visit to an amusement park can result serious injuries or even death. In fact, injuries at amusement parks are common. Believe it or not, the Consumer Product Safety Act of 1981 prohibits the Consumer Product
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Cycling accidents are dangerous—whether the accident includes other bikes or a motor vehicle; aside from helmets, cyclists have very little protection in a collision. Even when a helmet is worn, a cyclist can still sustain serious injuries after a collision with a motor vehicle or other bike. The popularity of cycling in the area in and around Arlington means that more cyclists share the roads with cars – and that trails can be crowded as well. While

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