Limited Scope Representation For Child Support

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Many Arlington, TX LSR child support lawyer clients of Brandy Austin Law have received letters from the Texas Attorney General with regards to child support cases. These cases are often held in IV-D court or what is commonly known as child support court. Quite often many clients go into the hearing without any preparation or planning as to what will take place, what to bring, and what they can request. Upon conclusion of the hearing clients leave upset that they were railroaded into a decision that they do not agree with. Other times, clients wish they had the knowledge necessary to prepare and fight for their rights. All too often, clients who cannot afford full representation are left to their own devices in child support court and the majority of the time receive outcomes that are more harmful than helpful to them. Limited scope representation for child support is perfect for clients who do not need full representation but want to have a plan prior to their court date.

What Options Are Included In Limited Scope Representation For Child Support?

Potential clients have the option to choose any of the following for a tailored limited scope representation with theirLSR child support lawyer Arlington, TX residents trust.

  • Planning. Stepping into a hearing for child support without any plan can be detrimental to not only your relationship with your child but also detrimental to your finances if not handled properly. An attorney will analyze your case and advise you of your legal rights. In the planning stage, procedural advice will also be given concerning the court case as well as advice given after an investigation of the facts concerning your case. The attorney will also obtain documents and review the correspondence and pleadings filed in your case. Of utmost importance is the formulation of strategy and trial tactics between the attorney and the client which takes place during the planning stage. The fee for the planning is hourly and the client can reserve as many hours as needed to plan for their case.

Will I Have To Pay Back Child Support?

It depends, back child support or retroactive child support can be awarded in some cases based on the facts of the case. It is best to speak with the attorney assigned to your case during the planning stage so that he or she can better advise you of the situation in your respective case.

What If I Want The Attorney To Represent Me In Court?

The Limited scope representation for Child support does not cover representation in court. Clients who want representation in court for child support will have to sign a retainer agreement for full representation. Normally, the fees for full representation by a LSR child support lawyer Arlington, TX  residents trust is a flat fee per hearing.

What If I Want To Address Access/Possession As Well As Child Support?

If you want to address access/possession and child support you will have to sign a Limited scope retainer agreement for SAPCR (Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship) that is more in depth and tailored to incorporate access/possession and child support.

 The Attorney General Is Trying To Force Me To Sign An Order I Do Not Agree With, What Should I Do?

Never sign something you do not agree with. Ultimately, the decision to sign or not sign is yours. The best advice would be to contact an attorney so that you can be informed of your rights and what route you need to take.

Can I Just Not Attend The Hearing?

Absolutely, it is your choice to attend or not attend the hearing for child support. However, not attending the hearing especially if you have had proper notice will more than likely lead the court to issue a default order. The default order may contain a child support amount that exceeds your financial capability because you did not appear at the hearing. It is always wise to attend every hearing so that you are represented in court and have the opportunity to be heard in court.

What If There Is An Attorney Representing The Other Parent?

Limited scope representation does not prevent you from talking with the attorney representing the other parent. In fact, in a limited scope representation you are responsible for all aspects of your case not covered by the limited scope representation. The attorney assigned on your limited scope representation agreement will not be speaking with the attorney representing the other parent however, you are free to speak about the interactions in the planning stage while you and the attorney are formulating a strategy and determining trial tactics.

What If I Want Full Representation Later On?

Limited scope representation  from Brandy Austin Law does not stop a client from obtaining full representation from the attorney assigned to their case. Sometimes, cases become too much to handle for a particular client. One of the great aspects about limited scope representation is you can change to full representation if any aspect of your case gets too much to handle. Another aspect is the attorney will already have knowledge about your particular matter and will be in a better position to represent you if full representation is needed. Ultimately, limited scope representation allows the client to budget their legal expenses and enables the client to figure out where they need the attorney to help them out the most.

What Is The Next Step To Take Full Advantage Of Limited Scope Representation For Child Support?

Call 817-841-9906 or contact us online to schedule a free in office consultation with a LSR child support lawyer Arlington, TX residents rely on. Once your consultation is scheduled ensure that you have everything you need to be prepared for the consultation. You will want to gather all of your documents that you have filed or received from the court. Make an outline of the particular questions you have for the attorney and/or the issues in your case. Bring all of that information to your consultation so that you can get the most out of your consultation. The more information you have to share with the attorney, the easier it is for you and the attorney to come up with a limited scope representation that fits your needs.

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