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We understand that it is difficult to talk about “what if.” No one really wants to think about becoming incapacitated or dying in an accident or from an unexpected illness.

The thought is even more frightening if you are fairly young. Yet, it is almost more important to address and prepare for an accident if you have young children or are the main provider for your family.

Our attorneys and legal team have years of experience helping clients determine how to best provide for those they leave behind, whether they are young families or families whose children are grown.

Every Family Is Unique When It Comes To Estate Planning

The estate plan for each family is unique and should not be left to filling out a form on a website that claims to know what is best for you and your situation.

It takes a compassionate and experienced estate planning attorneys to listen to your wishes and dreams for your family and commit that to an enforceable legal document.

We consider many alternatives when putting together a personalized estate plan for you:

  • Do you have children from another relationship?
  • How old are the children?
  • Do you need a durable power of attorneys?
  • Would you like to set up a trust for educational expenses or starting a business, and at what age should they be entitled to start withdrawing funds?
  • Do you plan to include any charities or extended family members in your will?

Another important thing to keep in mind is that estate plans can be changed as your life changes. People divorce, have more children, grow their businesses and move to other places. We cannot plan for every possible turn our lives could take; we can only plan that someday we will no longer be here.

Since we never know when that will be, we plan for now and keep adjusting as things change in the future. Estate planning is a fluid process over your lifetime.

We Can Create A Personalized And Unique Estate Plan

Regardless of where you are on that road, we can help you get a plan in place that will grow and change with you in the future. We also serve Burleson and Arlington, Texas.

To arrange a free consultation with our experienced estate planning lawyers and legal team, please call 800-958-4948 or complete our online form.

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