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Legal Separation

As anyone who has been married for any length of time can verify, there are times when the relationship is working beautifully, the way a marriage should be, and there are the inevitable times when things aren’t going so well. Any legal separation lawyer Arlington, TX residents trust knows all too well that sometimes the situation can be bad enough and stressful enough that, for the sake of their sanity, their health, and for the sake of the marriage, both spouses feel that they need a timeout, some time away from each other to get their thoughts and emotions in order, to take an assessment of where they are at in life and what they want for the future, and to decide if they want to stay married. It’s a very critical time in a marriage, one that normally comes early in a relationship but sometimes later, and the results of the separation will determine the future of the marriage.

What is a legal separation?

As our legal separation lawyer Arlington, TX might explain, a legal separation is another option when a couple does not wish to undergo a divorce but they no longer wish to live together. When a couple formally declares to a court that they wish to separate, with few exceptions, they will be granted a legal separation. This formal process must be completed, and an experienced legal separation lawyer Arlington, TX such as one from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, who can represent you to protect your rights. If a couple does not go through the court, though they may live apart, they will not be considered legally separated.

A legal separation agreement is a legally recognized agreement between two spouses. It specifies important concerns that relate to a post-separation. Depending on the situation, the agreement might detail the child custody arrangements, the terms for spousal support, and information about each person’s living arrangement. Your legal separation lawyer Arlington, TX will meet with you to determine your requirements as to the legal separation agreement, and negotiate on your behalf with your spouse’s family law attorney. Once there is mutual agreement, the legal separation documents will be submitted by your family law attorney to the court for a Judge’s approval. Upon approval, the separation agreement is legally binding and both you and your spouse must adhere to the terms therein.

Formal and Informal Separation

Although the spouses want to live separate lives for a while, it’s very often the case that they’re not ready to take the final and more permanent step of obtaining a divorce. Many couples decide to do this on an informal basis, for example one spouse might choose to move in with a friend or family member for a while. The old cliché about the wife going to stay at her mother’s happens in real life quite frequently. They might also take the more serious step of moving into their own apartments. Whatever arrangements they decide to make, the husband and wife are still legally married, and their personal affairs, such as shared bank accounts, financial obligations, and their responsibilities to their children, are still intact as far as the law is concerned.

As any skilled legal separation lawyer in Arlington, TX may inform you, a legal separation, on the other hand, is a formal arrangement. To obtain a legal separation, the two parties must appear before a judge in a court of law, who must approve whatever arrangement the husband and wife have agreed to. As always whenever a situation winds up in a courtroom, it’s advisable for both spouses to be represented by an attorney who will work to ensure their client’s rights and interests are being protected.

What is a legal separation agreement?

A legal separation is simply a clarification of the responsibilities and obligations of the spouses during the period they are apart. Matters such as child custody and support, property division, financial debts, and shared accounts will be worked out by the parties involved, or their respective attorneys, and approved by the court. Any objections to these arrangements, if any still exist by the time the couple is standing before a judge, can be made when in court, and the judge will ultimately decide what the arrangement will be. In most cases, the agreement the couples have made before appearing before a judge won’t be objected to, and it’s simply a matter of the judge giving it his approval. Whatever the final outcome, it will be clarified in writing and officially recognized, and will be legally binding on both spouses.

Sometimes when a legal separation is sought, the couples intend to stay apart permanently, as they would in a formal divorce, but choose to stay married, usually for financial reasons such as tax benefits. This arrangement can go on indefinitely, but it should be noted that neither spouse can get married again while they are a party in a legal separation, or else they would be guilty of bigamy, a serious offense, especially in Texas.

What are the benefits of obtaining a legal separation?

The nature and breadth of benefits from getting a legal separation depend entirely on a couple’s circumstances. However, legal separation lawyer, Arlington, Texas might note that some of the most common benefits for obtaining a legal separation rather than getting a divorce include the following:

  • By remaining married but living apart, it allows the couple time and space to work on their relationship. Not proceeding immediately to a divorce leaves that as a future option which will be costly and time-consuming to reverse if the couple decides to reconcile.
  • As long as the couple remains married, the working spouse’s healthcare benefits may cover the non-working spouse and their shared children. Clarify this beforehand with your legal separation lawyer Arlington, TX who may refer you to a tax attorney.
  • A legal separation may be preferable to a divorce due to religious reasons. If your religion honors annulments, that may be another alternative to consider. Our Arlington, TX legal separation lawyer may be able to provide you guidance on this issue as it applies to state law.
  • There can be tax benefits associated with being married as opposed to being single or divorced, including deductions.
  • If a marriage lasts at least ten years, the lesser earning spouse may then qualify to receive social security payments through the other spouse.

If your marriage is at a crossroads and you would like to know more about your legal options, contact us at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Our Arlington, TX legal separation lawyer will be pleased to offer you a complimentary consultation which may provide you invaluable insight—call us today to make an appointment.

Legal Separation in Texas

The state of Texas has no provisions for recognizing a legal separation. The marriage would have had to have happened in another state in order for the spouses to pursue one, in the state where they were actually married.

However, Texas does allow for couples to enter into a legal agreement concerning the division of their property, their financial obligations, child custody and support, spousal support, and any other arrangements they might decide to make. This is often done in Texas as a temporary measure while a married couple is waiting for a divorce to become final. If the court agrees to this arrangement, which it almost always will unless it believes on of the parties was coerced into the agreement or that some other extraordinary circumstance exists, it will be legally bound to recognize the agreement.

If a couple chooses to do this, each party should have an attorney assist them in working out the details. This will help to ensure that the court will approve the agreement without any difficulties.

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