Law Firm Values

Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC

Our Values

Our law firm is built on a foundation of core values selected and agreed upon by every member of our team.  These law firm values guide our principles in our day-to-day practice as a firm, and in our personal lives.

Client Focus

Our firm and our careers do not exist without our clients. We recognize the importance of customer service and client satisfaction in our cases. Each client and each case is different. We tailor our approach based on the area of law of the case and care and support needed by the client. Our goal is to educate each and every client to allow that client to make the best decision for that client. Our job is to protect the rights of our clients and advise of the options available, the drawbacks of the available choices, and recommending the best path based on our legal knowledge. It is up to our clients to select the path the works for them.


Legal services are frequently viewed as costly. If the services aren’t tens of thousands of dollars, then the quality isn’t very good. Well, that is not how we operate. We focus on providing well-reasoned, competent, and thorough legal representation at affordable rates. With the use of technology, we can offer the same quality of legal services you might expect in a downtown high-rise and an affordable price.


Communication is one of the most frequent complaints made by clients to their attorneys. We aim to contact each and every client on a monthly basis. We also share many of the documents we receive from other people as soon as we get them in our office. Clients can send us messages at anytime, day or night. We respond as soon as we can. All important dates and events are shared with our clients when scheduled. We welcome calls and messages from our clients. Every time a client reaches out is an opportunity to educate him or her on the law.


We stay on the cutting edge of legal technology. Technology is utilized in our practice to reduce costs for our clients and to streamline everything from intake to trial presentation. When you make an appointment with our firm, we will send an electronic intake form that allows our attorney liaison to determine which legal professional can best assist you with your consultation. That information is stored in our secure client on-boarding program. That information is exported and saved in our secure case management system, Clio. Each case type has a customized overview page with pertinent information readily available for our team members.

All clients have access to their client case file through Clio. In Clio, we share documents, share tasks for our clients to complete, share calendar dates, and messages. All information is saved and tracked extensively in one place. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We utilize laptops and iPads to reduce the costly expenditure of printed paper. We use digital facsimile to receive all incoming documents so they are saved immediately to our clients’ files. Each case has an automated task list to help keep our team members on track and up to speed on our clients’ cases.

We continue to keep up-to-date with the changing technology in the legal field.


Lawyers and law firms have a less than stellar reputation for integrity and honesty within the community, as a whole. We strive to change that view one client and one case at a time using our agreed upon law firm values. We hold each other accountable for our actions, internally, and we want our clients to do the same. Our aim is to be ethical and trustworthy in every legal interaction – with clients, opposing counsels, other parties, and our third party partners.


We are routinely asked “why should I hire a general practice law firm instead of a law firm that specializes and focuses exclusively on the area of law I need right now?” Well, the answer is simple – we collaborate with others in focus on a different area of law in furtherance of our law firm values. For example, if you hire us to represent you in a divorce, and a personal injury issues arises, your attorney can walk down the hall and get help for your case. At the end of your divorce, you will likely need a new will or trust. Your divorce attorney and can hand your file over to the attorney that handles estate planning. The process is easy and each attorney focuses on a limited area or areas. This gives you an entire team of attorneys with a wide variety of legal knowledge. Each one there ready and willing to assist you in the legal issues that arise in life.

We also have a very diverse group of legal professionals from all walks of life. Many law firms do not have someone who understands the perspective of their clients. Our firm prides itself on individuality and inclusion of all races, religions, and differences. Why is that important in a law firm? It allows our team to communicate the most important information in a way our clients understand. We can reach across the table and help you through the legal issue you are facing. We have a team full of different races, different religions, different home lives, different birth countries, and different viewpoints. We take the time to get to know one another and understand the differences we bring to the legal field. We collaborate to resolve legal issues that are uncommon or unique. Even if your attorney isn’t the same as you, rest assured your attorney has the support and knowledge to understand what you need to feel safe and supported.

Brandy Austin Law Firm serves its clients in an ever-changing world and diverse market. We utilize our values to serve each and every client. As a team, we selected client focus, quality, communication, integrity, and collaboration as the core values we bring to our clients and the values by which we hold ourselves accountable. Let our team help you through your legal issues.