medical malpractice lawyer Ellis County, TX

An Ellis County, TX medical malpractice lawyer knows that healthcare providers often perform life-saving, heroic work. They usually get into this profession because they want to benefit lives, and choose it with great integrity. However, they are still everyday humans too and not immune to mistakes. A medical error may result in injury, illness, or death to a patient. This is why people must watch out for their own health and best interests by taking action if a doctor’s care leads to harm. If you have questions about a potential medical malpractice case, contact Brandy Austin Law Firm as soon as possible. Here are a few signs that you could be a victim of medical malpractice. 

Lack Of Informed Consent

Medical professionals have to obtain full consent from a patient prior to performing treatment or surgery. Your provider must have informed you about the risks and benefits of your care plan. Failure to get informed consent may be categorized as medical malpractice, in which the victim may be owed significant compensation. While there are exceptions, generally, there may be evidence of a lack of informed consent if any of the following apply: 

  • Your doctor did not explain the risks of your treatment
  • Your doctor did not obtain consent before a medical procedure
  • You would have declined care if the risks had been explained to you properly
  • Your doctor failed to observe all the potential complications of treatment 

Delayed Diagnosis

When a doctor fails to provide a timely diagnosis, this is considered a delayed diagnosis. Detection early on is crucial to the future health of the patient. When a doctor doesn’t conclude an illness on time, it can have tragic consequences. A delayed diagnosis is an example of medical malpractice when the condition is curable upon early detection. If your provider was late to identify a condition and this led to your worsened health, please contact an Ellis County medical malpractice lawyer immediately for a consultation. 

Symptoms After Surgery

Patients trust the skills of their doctors and surgeons that a procedure will be performed safely and correctly. Some surgical mistakes may not cause serious damage to the patient, however, others can lead to complications or fatality. Common examples of surgical errors include practicing poor hygiene, operating on the wrong body part or area, leaving an instrument or foreign material in the body, not treating infections properly, and misidentifying tissue during surgery. 

What To Do Now

We can imagine that you may have plenty of questions and concerns. Our team at Brandy Austin Law Firm is ready to speak with you about your situation. We will begin by learning more about what has happened to you, and then an Ellis County medical malpractice lawyer can advise further what to do next. Medical malpractice occurs more frequently than people realize. If you suspect something went awry with your care and a medical professional is responsible, we urge you to reach out today.