lyft accident lawyer Ellis County, TX

An Ellis County, TX Lyft accident lawyer knows that so many people use rideshares to get where they need to be. This method of transportation is often faster and cheaper compared to traditional taxis. But what happens if you are seriously injured while in a rideshare vehicle? If you have been hurt in a rideshare collision, then we suggest contacting Brandy Austin Law Firm for information about compensation eligibility. We can fight for your rights and fair restitution based on what you have gone through. Our clients rely on us during some of the most difficult periods of their life, and when involved in a personal injury accident, it can flip your life upside down. We are here to help set things right again. Please do not hesitate to reach out today for further assistance. 

During A Lyft Accident

When involved in a rideshare accident, you must put your safety first. If the situation allows, your driver should move their vehicle to a safe place away from traffic. They must pull off to the shoulder or side of the road so that they do not cause a secondary collision. Check yourself for injuries right away and contact the authorities. If anyone was seriously injured, ask for an ambulance. Your injuries may or may not be visibly obvious, but getting an examination the same day is recommended. You may still be in a state of shock and not fully aware of your injuries yet. Ensure that the police officer writes up a report that you can get a copy of at a later time. This document can be influential to your insurance and when pursuing legal action.

Gathering Evidence

Make sure you have information about your rideshare driver, such as their name, driver’s license number, insurance details, address, and phone number. Take pictures of the vehicles and overall scene, along with your damaged property or physical injury. The more visual evidence you have about the accident, the more strongly your side of the story can be seen. Take time to write down what you remember about the accident, even small details. Your Ellis County Lyft accident lawyer can perform a deeper investigation to gather evidence if needed. 

Rideshare Companies

It’s important to note that rideshare companies are for profit, and may not be immediately willing to provide compensation to injured passengers. But that is where assistance from our team at Brandy Austin Law Firm can intervene. We know how to reach out to rideshare companies in such a way that they are more prompt to respond and more cooperative in providing restitution. Sometimes all it takes is the presence of an Ellis County Lyft accident lawyer to get a rideshare company respond accordingly to a victim’s claim. We know it can be a complicated situation, but we are here to offer the clarity and support you need. If you have questions about your case and compensation eligibility after a rideshare collision, contact our firm as soon as you can.