Child Visitation Lawyer Dallas, TX

Child Visitation Lawyer Dallas, TX

What is My Role as the Non Custodial Parent?

Child Visitation Lawyer Dallas, TXEvery child visitation lawyer in Dallas, TX knows that all parents want is what is best for their child. However, it’s not uncommon for emotions to take over. The thought of no longer being able to have your child with you full time can be not only painful, but an incredibly difficult adjustment to make. While both parents should always make decisions in the best interest of the child they share, in some cases, the courts may be needed to help assist in custody arrangements. Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC may play a key role in helping a non custodial parent navigate a process that can be highly stressful for all involved. We may be able to provide you with the representation you require, and help you to understand the responsibilities you stand to face as the non custodial parent.

Making Decisions Together

Although you and your child’s parent may no longer be in a romantic relationship, you will still need to work together when it comes to the care of your child. For a child, the separation of their parents can be incredibly confusing. Imagine the hardship you have had to endure, chances are, your child’s adjustment may be even more momentous. In order for the transition to be as smooth as possible, it’s important to work with your ex in drawing up a plan to assist in this. It’s important that you are both able to have clear conversations around how you both will manage decisions surrounding your child. A child visitation lawyer Dallas, TX may be able to help you to create a plan with your child’s parent and their attorney that can work for all, and keep your interests at the forefront.

Visitation Schedules

Once you have have agreed to a visitation schedule, it’s important that you are able to keep to it. Having a predictable schedule is important for all involved, especially your child. In some cases, one parent may not adhere to the schedule that was originally agreed upon. This can create additional challenges and impact all who are involved. When a plan is not present, the courts may put together a traditional visitation schedule. In many states this encompasses approximately 20% of a child’s time. If you have found that your child’s parent is unable to keep to the visitation schedule that was agreed upon, you may need to contact a Dallas, TX child visitation lawyer.

Communicate Plans

Communication is key when sharing in the care of a child. As a non custodial parent, you will need to make sure that you communicate your visitation plans with them. Especially if they involve leaving the state or participating in an activity or event that you should consult with the custodial parent around. A child visitation lawyer Dallas, TX can help with this communication.

Child Support

Most non custodial parents will be required to pay child support. This is important because it’s likely that the parent with custody will be incurring additional expenses. The non custodial parent will need to assist in the cost involved in caring for your child. It’s important to make these payments on time as your child will be relying on them to maintain their standard of living.

Ensuring that you follow your custody agreement is important. Not only is it in the best interest of your children that you are able to amicably care for them with your partner, it is key to ensuring that they thrive. Consulting with a Dallas, TX child visitation lawyer may be able to help you when negotiating your agreement, understanding what you are agreeing to and representing you should a change be necessary. Contact us today to speak with a valued member of our Dallas, TX child visitation lawyer team. The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC may be able to support you through what may be a difficult and emotional process.

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