Flat-Rate Contract Review

Flat-Rate Contract Review

What is a Flat-Rate Contract Review?

Contract Review Lawyers Arlington, TX

contract review lawyers Arlington, TXWhen you just want to have an attorney take a look at your contract to raise any red flags, we’ve created an option you should use. Our contract review lawyers Arlington, TX residents count on will advise you in a telephone conversation or at our office about the implications of your contract.

You have no excuse to not have an attorney review that contract before you sign it. For a predictable price, the attorneys at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC will review your contract as only business attorneys with small business experience can. We offer free consultations to discuss any concerns you may have about the contract, your business, or the relationship to the other party. We will review each contract for the following:

  • Errors, typos, and grammar problems
  • Proper parties to the contract
  • Legal risks and/or problems
  • Financial and business risks
  • Areas to negotiate
  • Structural and logical issues

Unfortunately, too many business owners are rushed for time or just assume that contracts are standard and/or non-negotiable. This could not be further from the truth. Most business contracts contain numerous errors. Template contracts make too many assumptions. This could put you or your business in a bad situation and the relationship could break down.

After a review, you can negotiate and update your contracts and agreements with confidence. We are available available to assist further for additional revisions or negotiations.

Client Review

“I was VERY satisfied with my experience with Larry, from Brandy Austin Law firm, he worked with me to settle the matter quickly and efficiently. He was professional but also sensitive to the situation. Thank you so much!”

Mali Weekley
Client Review

Why Choose Our Law Firm Over An Online Service?

  • Real Attorneys to talk to and to review your contracts
  • Peace-of-Mind
  • No hidden fees
  • Specialized small business experience

Our flat-fee contract review service does not work well for non-attorneys who download a contract from RocketLawyer or elsewhere and attempt to put a document together.These documents have a lot of issues and it’s likely cheaper to let us write it from scratch.

We Offer A Comprehensive Review And A Limited Review

Our Comprehensive Review is a full-service contract review by contract review lawyers in Arlington, TX. We assess the legal, financial, business, and personal risks to you. We make sure the contract fits your needs. We address your concerns. We will send you an email containing a list of issues identified and even provide a 15-minute question and answer session with your attorney. The cost of this service for business contracts is $50 per page, with a 5-page minimum. Reduced rates are available for simple, personal-use limited-review contracts.

Our Limited Review provides a limited review of your contract. We will email you a list of concerns, issues, and potential risks. We offer a 15-minute question and answer session with your attorney to address any additional concerns you may have after our review. The cost of this service is $25 per page, with a 5-page minimum.

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Which Option Works Best For Me?

It depends. If you feel confident in your contract and you need a quick turn-around, the Limited Contract Review may be your best option. This service is a great way to double-check the contract before you sign.

However, if you have a contract with complicated issues or even issues that are near and dear to your heart, then the Comprehensive Contract Review may be the way to go.

We offer free 15-minute contract review consultation where we can discuss your concerns and pick the right option for you. Please note that if you decide you want help fixing the contract afterwards, we will charge you our normal hourly rates.

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