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Child Support Lawyer Arlington, TX

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Child custody, visitation, and child support tend to be at the center of a divorce. In Arlington, TX, when determining who will pay child support and for how much, a child support lawyer office may take into consideration family owned businesses, trusts, education plans, succession plans, high value assets, and other issues that could affect the agreement. On the other hand, both parents could be struggling financially; thereby, causing a dispute regarding the inability to pay the full amount to arise.

In truth, every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents. In Arlington, Texas mothers and fathers turn to Brandy Austin Law Firm for advice and support from a dedicated child support lawyer. If any of the following apply to your situation, consider reaching out to a skilled child support lawyer from our Arlington office:

  • You would like to come to an amicable arrangement with your ex spouse;
  • You are concerned about high value assets and how it could affect the child support;
  • Your ex spouse is not paying child support even though it is court ordered;
  • You believe finances and other assets are not being disclosed;
  • You would like to make a child support amendment;
  • Your ex spouse has married and you would like to reduce your child support payments;
  • You have lost your job and cannot pay child support;
  • You would like to seek more support for your child;
  • You would like a paternity test done to verify the child’s father.

Determining child support payment amounts is not always an easy task. You might feel that you are paying too much or your spouse will not use the money for the children’s benefit. The spouse receiving the child support often feels just the opposite — that the money will not cover all the expenses related to the children. And some parents decide that they will not support their children despite being ordered to do so.

Child support is a very complex part of family law. A child support lawyer in Dallas, TX  can provide you with honest legal advice and emotional support so that you can make sense of any confusion that oftens comes with the situation.

Determining The Amount Of Child Support

In Arlington, Texas, our child support lawyer can explain that child support is determined by various uniform guidelines set forth by the state law. The following will likely be considered:

  • Gross income

  • Payroll deductions

  • Mandatory union, insurance, or retirement dues

  • Taxes

  • Whether child support is being made to children from a previous marriage

  • The value of an owned business

  • The value of high stake assets

  • The amount of money each parent earns or can earn

  • Additional income each parent receives

  • How many children are involved

  • The amount of time each parent spends with the child

It is possible for a judge to order both parents to share the costs for:

  • Health care expenses

  • Traveling from one parents house to the other

  • Educational needs

  • Child care

  • Other special expenditures

The Child Support Amount Is Not Fair

Having helped hundreds of clients through divorce and child support issues, we are genuinely empathetic to your feelings. In divorce situations, unfortunately, the legislature sets the parameters for determining child support payments and allows little variance when based upon accurate and truthful income disclosures.

However, it may be possible to modify the child support amount in either direction if a parent’s financial situation changes. To set up an appointment to discuss child support, call 817-841-9906. Some typical situations in which a modification might be allowed include:

  • If the spouse paying support loses his or her job
  • If one of the children requires extra support for a medical or educational reason
  • If the receiving spouse’s income increases to an amount that allows him or her to make a greater contribution to the children’s expenses than before

Enforcing A Child Support Order

It is a most unfortunate situation when court-ordered child support is not paid and the parent ordered to pay support cannot be located.

Generally, we will have to file a petition with the court to enforce or modify an existing child support order. Through legal proceedings, it may be possible to have the court order the delinquent parent’s employer to withhold from his or her wages the funds owed to you. The court might also be able to order a sale of personal property to pay the support owed.

Call Our Experienced Support Modification Attorneys

When it comes to child support cases there are so many opportunities to call upon the expertise of a child support lawyer from Arlington, TX. Brandy Austin Law Firm has the experience needed to handle child support cases of every complexity. We will work with you to understand your needs and help to propose a practical and fair parenting plan that is amicable for everyone involved. If negotiations with child support, custody, and other matters cannot be settled, our dedicated Arlington, TX team of child support lawyers will be ready to protect your rights and interests in family court.

For help with support modification orders, contact our child support lawyers in Arlington and Burleson, Texas. To arrange your free consultation, please call or complete our online form.

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