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Determining child support payment amounts is not always an easy task. You might feel that you are paying too much or your spouse will not use the money for the children’s benefit. The spouse receiving the child support often feels just the opposite — that the money will not cover all the expenses related to the children. And some parents decide that they will not support their children despite being ordered to do so.

The Child Support Amount Is Not Fair

Having helped hundreds of clients through divorce and child support issues, we are genuinely empathetic to your feelings. In divorce situations, unfortunately, the legislature sets the parameters for determining child support payments and allows little variance when based upon accurate and truthful income disclosures.

However, it may be possible to modify the child support amount in either direction if a parent’s financial situation changes. To set up an appointment to discuss child support, call 800-958-4948. Some typical situations in which a modification might be allowed include:

  • If the spouse paying support loses his or her job
  • If one of the children requires extra support for a medical or educational reason
  • If the receiving spouse’s income increases to an amount that allows him or her to make a greater contribution to the children’s expenses than before

Enforcing A Child Support Order

It is a most unfortunate situation when court-ordered child support is not paid and the parent ordered to pay support cannot be located.

Generally, we will have to file a petition with the court to enforce or modify an existing child support order. Through legal proceedings, it may be possible to have the court order the delinquent parent’s employer to withhold from his or her wages the funds owed to you. The court might also be able to order a sale of personal property to pay the support owed.

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