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After suffering from a personal injury accident, you should speak with an Arlington, Texas personal injury lawyer. People who are injured are bombarded daily by lawyers who want to “help” them. Words and phrases like “fair compensation” and “justice” seem to lose their significance after hearing them so many times. If you are injured, you are probably overwhelmed, confused and afraid.

Where Should You Turn For Experienced And Compassionate Help?

Personal injury attorneys and legal professionals at the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC have helped people injured in accidents at work, while driving, and simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We understand that you are angry that someone’s carelessness or indifference caused you so much pain. Please call us at 817-841-9906 to arrange a free consultation.

You have a right to expect the other party’s insurance company to help you get your life back together.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligent behavior, we can help you. We represent clients who have been injured in situations such as:

Nobody wants to get injured and nobody wants to endure a personal injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, both happen, but you can be prepared and know what to expect with one of our personal injury lawyers Arlington, TX residents rely on. While every personal injury lawsuit is different, there are some basics that will help you understand what will happen during your suit.

Hiring An Attorney

If you feel your injury could qualify for something larger than what the small claims court allows, you would want to talk to an attorney. Even if you don’t end up hiring someone, simply receiving some legal guidance is generally helpful. If you do choose to hire an attorney, you can call us to discuss our fees, how payment options work, and how we can help you be prepared for this lawsuit. 

Your attorney would first learn everything possible about your injury. He or she could conduct an investigation to determine fault, which might include interviewing witnesses, collecting surveillance videos and similar actions.

Filing The Complaint

Working with an attorney means you don’t have to do all the difficult work you don’t understand. After your attorney has all the information needed, a complaint will be written. This complaint will outline your injury, why it was the fault of the other party and what damages you’ll be seeking. The complaint will be filed with the court, after which the defendant will be served with it.

The Process Of Discovery

After the defendant has a chance to look over the complaint, he or she will have time to collect evidence as well. During pre-trial, both sides will be required to share evidence with each other. This is a process called discovery. When discovery goes as far as possible, both sides will begin depositions. This process can take a considerable amount of time, depending on the complexity of the case. As discoveries are made, you may have intermittent court appearances to attend. After each court appearance, something new will need to be done. The date of your trial may get pushed back each time a new discovery is made and each time a court appearance takes place.

Going To Trial

Finally, you will head to trial. Though your Arlington personal injury lawyer will do everything in his or her power to keep it out of trial, it’s possible you will end up there. If at any time you and the other party are able to settle the issue, you can avoid trial. During the trial, both sides will be presented, at which time a jury or judge will determine damages required.

Turn To Us For Guidance And Peace Of Mind

As soon as possible after an injury, please contact us. It is very important that we preserve evidence, take photographs, and obtain documentation of your injuries and the accident. Also, we advise that you do not discuss the accident with the insurance company representing the person who caused the accident or the workers’ compensation insurer without one of our attorneys present. We have flexible appointment hours and can meet with you at a convenient location. We are in Arlington, Texas, but serve personal injury clients throughout the state of Texas. Please call or complete our online form to arrange a free consultation. We are happy to talk to a relative with your permission, as well. Call the personal injury lawyers Arlington, TX trusts from  Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC today!