Employee Related Services

Employee Related Services

Our business lawyers have experience working closely with employers to provide the proper draft, detailed review, and confident negotiation of employment contracts such as non-compete agreements and severance agreements. In addition, we have experience defending discrimination and other employment related lawsuits. We also work with our clients to draft employee handbooks and other employment related materials.

We Can Help You Cover Your Bases When Hiring New Employees

Employee Contracts And Non-competition Agreements

Employment contracts may be necessary to protect small businesses or protect new and innovative ideas. These include things like non-disclosures, confidentiality clauses, trade secret clauses, and non-compete agreements.

A covenant not to compete is probably one of the more important and litigated employment agreements, or clause in employment agreements, that restricts an employee’s post-employment activities. Texas non-compete agreements prevent an employee from working in the employee’s chosen profession, trade, or industry, soliciting a former employer’s customers, or hiring the former employer’s employees within a specified geographical radius. Texas courts disfavor non-compete agreements, but enforce non-compete covenant if it is executed for valid consideration, contains reasonable geographic, temporal, and activity restrictions, and protects the employer’s legitimate business interests.

Employee Background Checks

Employers, and their attorneys, recognize the dangers and costs associated with bad hiring decisions that can be somewhat resolved by running a background check on all potential employees. We can run a background check and lawsuit search on all potential employees. Bad hiring decisions hurt businesses and increase lawsuits.

Bad hiring also leads to increased turnover and higher recruitment costs because poor hiring eventually leads to resignation or discharge, lost productivity, decreased employee morale, and increased safety concerns should employers belatedly learn an employee has a history of criminal and/or violent behavior.

Employee Handbooks

Providing the right information in the employee manual can protect your business from laws such as social media regulations, firing disputes, OSHA issues, and data breaches. Working with our firm to develop your employee manual can save your business money and time. A properly drafted employee handbook informs employees of your expectations, policies, and procedures. Also, an employee handbook informs employees of what they can expect from you. A proper employee handbook will reduce liability for the employer and set expectations for employees.

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We Can Also Help With the Following Employee Related Services:

  • Resolving Employee Disputes
  • Terminating Employment
  • Education Regarding Pay Laws
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Independent Contractors
  • Development and review of employment policies and procedures
  • Training sessions for business owners, executives, and human resources personnel
  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Education on properly hiring and discharging employees
  • What to do about a nonperforming or problem employee
  • Drafting and review of severance agreements
  • Counsel regarding wage and benefits policies
  • Non-compete agreement disputes
  • Contract Litigation

Regardless of where you are on your employee hiring road, we can help you get educated and the proper agreements in place. To arrange a free consultation with our experienced business lawyers and legal team, please call 800-958-4948 or complete our online form.

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