Birth Injury Lawyer Arlington, TXBirth Injury Lawyer Arlington, TX

If your child suffered a birth injury, you should get in touch with a birth injury lawyer in Arlington, TX. Your family may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit and protect your legal rights.

Common Myths About Birth Injuries

One of the happiest days of your life can turn into a nightmare if your baby suffers an injury during the labor and delivery process. Unfortunately, medical errors can occur and pose great harm to newborns. Here are some common birth injury myths you shouldn’t believe:

  • The doctor couldn’t have prevented the injury. At first, it might seem like the doctor did everything right during the labor and delivery process. However, your child still ended up with an injury. Although some birth injuries may be beyond anyone’s control, many of them are due to medical negligence. It’s very possible that the doctor made a careless mistake, like failing to monitor you closely or failing to recognize the need for a C-section.
  • Filing a lawsuit is pointless because it won’t fix my child’s injury. Although a lawsuit can’t undo your child’s injury, it’s not entirely pointless. If your child suffered a birth injury, he or she may require long-term medical care, which can get very expensive. If you pursue a lawsuit, you may be able to secure the financial compensation you need to pay your child’s medical bills.
  • The doctor said my child’s injury is too minor to file a lawsuit. In certain cases, doctors may minimize a child’s birth injury to avoid liability. However, you should know that even minor injuries can result in high medical bills. That’s why you should consult a birth injury lawyer in Arlington, TX promptly.
  • Medical malpractice is impossible to prove. Unfortunately, some parents shy away from pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit for their child’s birth injury because they assume it’s impossible to prove. However, if you have an experienced lawyer on your side, it’s absolutely possible to establish negligence. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence and identify expert witnesses who can help you prove your case.
  • I can’t afford a lawyer to help my child. Some parents may not file a birth injury lawsuit because they don’t think they can afford the fees. However, most of these lawyers work on a contingency fee, so you won’t owe any money upfront.

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