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Divorce Attorney Arlington, TXFundamentally, a divorce attorney Arlington, TX recommends is responsible for obtaining the best possible result for a client using the most cost-effective means possible. Going through the end of a marriage is painful and involves a lot of difficult decisions. Deciding to commit to a divorce is only the beginning of the process. Regardless of the reasons behind a divorce, it is not an easy process for either party. However, there are ways to settle a divorce that couples can choose as an alternative to the traditional method, such as mediation.  In many cases, mediation can achieve both these objectives and offer other benefits as well, making it a very attractive option. Furthermore, since many judges order parties to mediation in all contested cases, it is nearly always an important component in divorce and family law matters. When considering divorce, it’s in your best interest to contact a divorce attorney Arlington, TX residents seek support from the dedicated and experienced legal team at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC.

Divorce attorneys serving Arlington, TX know that a divorce is a life-changing event that will certainly take some adjusting to. Dividing the life you once shared with your partner can be incredibly challenging. This is especially true when your ex was someone whom you were financially reliant upon. This can make a challenging time even more difficult as you are likely to be worried over how you will financially support yourself. Alimony, or spousal support, may be a way of helping you to maintain the lifestyle you have been provided by your ex. To learn more about the services that our Arlington, TX divorce attorneys offer, contact Brandy Austin Law Firm today to schedule a time to meet with us.

Arlington Divorce Lawyer

Filing for Divorce Step by Step

Despite your good intentions and best efforts, you have determined that your marriage is no longer salvageable, and the only way forward you can see is to divorce. The prospect can be overwhelming if you look at it all at once. However, divorce is a process, meaning that it is accomplished with a series of small steps. Taking these steps one at a time may help the process to seem more manageable.

The steps required to file for divorce vary somewhat from state to state. However, certain steps in the process should be fairly universal:

  1. The Divorce Petition. The process begins with a divorce petition, but serving a petition involves a lot of little steps.
  2. Consulting With an Attorney. You are not required to have legal representation for your divorce, but we can help you with the remaining steps and guide you through the process.
  3. Checking Eligibility. Most states have minimum residency requirements that you have to meet before you can divorce. You need to ensure that you have lived in the state long enough to qualify.
  4. Gathering Documents. At the very least, you will likely need your wedding certificate and a valid photo I.D. to file a divorce petition. Other documents may also be required, especially if you and your spouse have children.
  5. Obtaining and Filling Out Paperwork. You will need to get the necessary forms from the court clerk and fill them out completely. Double-check for errors before signing.
  6. The Response. Once you have submitted the petition to the court, your spouse will have the opportunity to respond. Your spouse can respond by disagreeing with some or all of the information in the petition, by agreeing with it, or by making no response at all. His or her response is expected within 30 days of the petition. Otherwise, you can ask the court to order a default.
  7. The Negotiation. Following your spouse’s response to the petition, it is time to negotiate matters related to property division and parenting time, if applicable. It is increasingly common for this to take place through mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution, but litigation is still possible. In either case, you will likely have to attend at least one court hearing before the final decree is issued.

Scheduling a Consultation with Us

When it comes to matters of spousal support, there will be a lot riding on the outcome of the court process. Because of this, taking advantage of the experienced legal services provided by our divorce attorneys in Arlington, Texas is essential to obtaining the right outcome for you. We recommend that you take advantage of meeting with Brandy Austin Law Firm by scheduling a consultation. Our consultations can give you the opportunity to feel out our Arlington, TX divorce attorney before committing to our services. A consultation can provide you with:

  • An opportunity to ask prospective attorneys questions about your case
  • The ability to meet with a prospective attorney and get a feel for their style before committing to their services
  • To obtain a clear understanding of the firm’s payment structure
  • To get an idea of how the firm will manage your case

A consultation is key to ensuring that you obtain the right Arlington, TX divorce attorney for your alimony case. The last thing you want is to hire a lawyer who is not a good fit for you. This can only make a difficult situation even more challenging.

The Benefit of an Experienced Law Firm

Whether you are in the process of negotiating your divorce, making changes to child custody or child support orders, or need to modify your spousal support, working with Brandy Austin Law Firm’s reputable Arlington, TX divorce attorneys provides you with the premier legal services you deserve. Our savvy, passionate and trusted legal team can help you through each step of your divorce, including your need for spousal support. Working with one of our Arlington, TX divorce attorneys can provide you with a number of benefits that include:

  • Someone to keep your best interests at the forefront of the process
  • Listen to you regarding your needs and provide you with the support you need during the legal process
  • Help to negotiate terms to your divorce, and spousal support that is favorable to you
  • Take the lead in navigating the complicated family law process, and explain the process every step of the way
  • Compassionate individuals whom you can trust and rely on during what is likely to be a sensitive time in your life

Our firm brings experienced Arlington, TX divorce attorneys who are ready to provide you with the legal guidance you deserve. To take advantage of the many benefits that our Arlington family lawyer can provide when seeking alimony, contact Brandy Austin Law Firm today.

What Is Mediation?

A mediation session most often occurs in an office building or informal setting. Mediation allows both parties the opportunity to raise their concerns and resolve their dispute in a more private and cost-effective way. During mediation, a mediator listens to each party’s argument The mediator is chosen by both parties or appointed by a judge. After giving their opening statements, the parties and your divorce attorney Arlington, TX clients rely on retire to different rooms, while the mediator conveys offers and counteroffers and helps the parties negotiate a settlement.

It is important to use a mediator who is experienced in local family law matters, because someone else may be unfamiliar with the applicable laws and procedures. Seek legal assistance from a mediator who has worked on similar cases to yours so they know how to evaluate your case and determine which strategies would be most effective and best represent your interests. 

Cost Savings

The oft-quoted statistics that the average divorce costs over $10,000 is quite misleading, primarily due to the presence of multimillion-dollar celebrity divorces. However, regardless of the actual cost, it is safe to say that a divorce is almost always more expensive than the parties initially thought or hoped it would be. Many people assume that their case is straightforward or that their costs won’t exceed a certain amount. However, this is often not the case. If a divorce must go to trial, there are even more added costs and expenses, such as court fees, expert witnesses, and other miscellaneous fees likefamily therapy. The cost of a divorce also varies depending on the location or experience of your attorney. If you have children and must pay child support and other payments, costs can quickly add up. 

Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX trusts will share that in some cases, mediation can reduce legal expenses. Instead of a protracted trial that involves a significant amount of time, only the parties and the lawyers attend a full- or half-day mediation. And while there is mediation preparation involved, it may not be as extensive as trial preparation.


Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX relies on knows that privacy is an important concern for many people. In a trial, all witness testimony, documentary evidence, and other such items are public record. But in mediation, there is no court reporter, no written record, and no published opinion; additionally, the mediator is bound by a confidentiality agreement. It is only the mediator, parties, and their attorneys. By opting for mediation as a way to settle your divorce, you and your ex can privately resolve your dispute without the intrusive presence of other people and intimidating atmosphere of a trial. You can reduce tension and other distractions that may prevent you from amicably resolving your dispute. Moving forward with a trial can cause emotions to escalate, adding increased stress and further complicating your case. You don’t want to make a divorce more difficult than it already is. 

Future Compliance

Many people have serious issues with authority or are at least somewhat unwilling to accept a third-party determination over something they consider a personal matter. Mediation may be the better option if they are not comfortable with following the structure established in a trial.   Some individuals feel more invested in the mediation process, so they may be more interested in voluntary compliance with the orders. This spirit of cooperation can reduce or eliminate future enforcement actions, saving the parties even more money in the long run. It is always good to consider options that don’t involve unnecessary conflict and are more practical and affordable. 

Contact a Divorce Attorney Arlington, TX Seeks Guidance From

If you have decided to end your marriage, or your spouse has filed for divorce, you need a seasoned attorney advocating for you. Call Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with a divorce attorney Arlington, TX clients trust to find out how we can help. Our divorce attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of Texas family law, including child custody, child support, division of property, and more. We will take the necessary time to listen to you and build a proper understanding of your needs and concerns. Our legal team will use all available resources to get you the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of your case. We will advocate for your full legal rights so that you can settle your divorce in the most efficient way. 

Other Family Law Matters

Applying for college-related financial aid is time-intensive, personal and stressful. Most American families are not in a position to pay for the entirety of their children’s college education expenses. Many families do not get sufficient financial aid, though they may qualify for both scholarships, grants and loans. They often get only a limited number of grants that may cover just a small fraction of the full tuition costs. To pay for the remaining costs not covered by grants, some families have to apply for a loan. Because of these concerns, college expenses are often a factor in divorce cases. Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX depends on knows that as a result, they rely on financial aid packages to help ensure that their children’s collegiate experiences are financially manageable. During the course of applying for financial aid, students are asked to submit highly-specific financial information about each of their parents (both biological/adopted and any stepparents they may have). They are asked to submit tax forms and other documentation proving their financial assertions. A divorce attorney Arlington, TX turns to for their experience, can share that this submission process can take a great deal of time, effort and patience.

Children whose parents have either never married (and now live apart) or have divorced generally need to compile far more information during the financial aid process than children who are not faced with this situation do. This is because they need to secure details about each of their parents’ financial situations, even though their parents are no longer financially connected. Securing clear information about multiple, separate financial realities can be challenging. And depending on their parents’ unique situations, having to navigate finances related to multiple households may affect applicants’ financial aid offers in a few ways.

A divorce attorney Arlington, TX provides wants you to know that it’s important to understand that you don’t have to navigate the process of figuring out how your divorce and/or child support order will affect your child’s financial aid alone. A lawyer will be able to answer any questions you have regarding how your divorce or child support will affect your child’s financial aid. An experienced Arlington, Texas divorce attorney from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can provide your family with valuable assistance at any time. You don’t have to be actively pursuing legal action to benefit from informed legal counsel.

Federal financial aid awards are regulated (in part) by the 1985 Higher Education Act. Section 475(f) of the Act specifies that if both of a child’s parents remain married to each other that both parents’ incomes must be reported and will factor into financial aid decision-making. If a child’s parents were never married and do not live together, only the primary custodial parent’s income (and the income of that parent’s spouse, if applicable) must be reported and will be considered.

Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX relies on, shares that federal financial aid considerations are not the only factors in play when colleges determine aid packages overall. Some colleges require children of divorced (or never married and non-cohabitating) parents to report the income of both parents and any stepparents. When this occurs, a child’s aid package may be affected by the assets and income of all parents involved in that child’s life. If you have questions about this scenario, you can connect with a divorce attorney Arlington, TX celebrates at any time as well. There are so many ways that the modern American family is constructed that the “rules” that apply to one family don’t always apply to others.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have questions about child support generally or child support after a child has reached the age of majority specifically, please consider connecting with a divorce attorney Arlington, TX families seek for support today at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Each state handles child support matters a little differently for individuals who have reached the age of 18. As a result, it is generally a good idea to speak with an attorney who practices in the state where you live and/or the state where your child lives. Depending on the specific nature of your circumstances, you may have certain legal options available to you. Every case is unique, so talk to an experienced divorce attorney for guidance on how to manage your child support. 

In addition, divorce attorney Arlington, TX parents recommend will be happy to discuss the ways in which child support matters affect children who will ultimately pursue college degrees at some point down the road. Asking any questions you may have as soon as you have them may empower you to plan for your child’s future in more informed ways. Contact Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to learn more today.

Filing for Divorce and Making a Request for Alimony

Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX families trust shares that filing for divorce and requesting alimony can be a stressful process to undergo. This is especially true if you were financially dependent upon your partner. Alimony may be essential for you in order to cover your expenses. Requesting alimony and awaiting a decision from the court can make for a difficult time, especially if you are financially struggling as the result of your divorce. Working with an experienced divorce attorney Arlington, TX recommends can take the guesswork out of the process. This can help to reach a resolution faster and ensure that you don’t make mistakes should complications arise. Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can help you with the process of filing for divorce, initiating your request for alimony and gathering the right documentation for your case.

Filing for Divorce

When a couple decides that divorce is the appropriate next step, many states require that they are legally separated for a period of time prior to filing for divorce. It’s important to be aware that despite the waiting period, you can still form temporary agreements pertaining to child custody,  child support and alimony. Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX knows wants you to know that once the waiting period is over, you can officially initiate divorce proceedings by filing a divorce petition with the court.

Requesting Alimony

Once you and your spouse have legally separated, you have the ability to form agreements around child custody, child support and even request alimony. There are several types of alimony that you can choose from depending upon your needs. In some cases, couples are able to reach agreements regarding alimony without going to court. However, requesting alimony through the court system can ensure that your agreement is adopted into a court order. Additionally, if your spouse refuses your request for alimony, going to court may be a necessary next step to take with a divorce attorney Arlington, TX depends on by your side.

Gathering the Right Information

When requesting alimony, it will be important that you access the guidance of Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to ensure that you gather the right information to support your need for alimony. When the court takes your request into consideration, they will be evaluating a number of factors, including:

  1. Standard of living
  2. Age and physical health
  3. Length of marriage
  4. Whether your spouse can afford alimony

Our divorce attorney Arlington, TX respects shares that information/documentation that you should gather to support your alimony request may include:

  1. Information pertaining to education and employment history
  2. Financial information showing your expenses
  3. Your spouse’s financial information
  4. Medical expenses if you have a medical condition
  5. Proof of bad behavior such as abuse or infidelity

While you may be able to proceed with this process on your own, for best results, it’s recommended that you contact a divorce attorney Arlington, TX families can count on. Our firm provides prospective clients with experience in this area of practice. We can help by gathering and presenting the necessary information to help support your request for alimony.

Divorcing someone you shared a life with involves a number of changes. The life you once knew will be different. Sometimes, it takes time before you are able to adjust to your new normal. Financial challenges are often a natural element to divorce. If you were the lesser earning spouse or stayed home, alimony may be an appropriate option for you. Contact Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC for a divorce attorney Arlington, TX residents turn to for their experience in this area of practice today.

Divorce and Child Custody

If you’re going through a divorce and you’re concerned for the well-being of your children, a divorce attorney in Arlington, Texas, can help you ensure they get the best future possible. Child custody is an important consideration in any divorce, and it can raise emotions and cause more bitterness than almost any other part of divorce proceedings. If you have children and are committed to a divorce, it pays to fully understand how a divorce can affect your kids and their future.

Before seeking child support or child custody, every parent considers what is best for their children. This means taking the time to learn all they can about child custody, and taking steps to make sure they can still provide a stable upbringing for their kids. Divorces can be complicated and bitter fights, but children shouldn’t have to suffer. Read on to get more familiar with the terms of child custody, and see how a divorce attorney can help.

What Does Child Custody Entail?

Child custody is awarded to the parent that can provide the best upbringing for a child. In many divorce cases, child custody is given to one parent, while the other is awarded visitation rights and only sees their children for a set time period. As a custodial parent, the responsibility of the parent awarded child custody increases – but their time spent with their children increases as well. They will have to take their kids to school, to medical appointments, and will have more involvement with the upbringing of their kids in general.

In some cases, both parents can set aside their differences and agree to work together to raise their children, even though they are separated from each other. Joint custody means children spend their time equally between two parents, and both parents are equally committed to raising their children. Joint custody takes a bit more careful negotiation (made possible by your Arlington, TX, divorce attorney), but it can result in an amicable arrangement in which both parents continue to share the responsibility of raising their kids. For joint custody, it needs to be proven that both parents can cooperate, and are within a close enough proximity to make their arrangement work. Joint custody is also only awarded when there is sufficient evidence that indicates both parents had an equal share in raising their children prior to the divorce.

The Divorce Process

If you and your spouse have decided to obtain a divorce but you have yet to dig into the process, there are a number of things a divorce lawyer in Arlington, TX at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC can help you understand before you pursue the legal side of marital separation in earnest. Once you become adequately prepared, you will be able to approach the legal aspects of the divorce process with a greater sense of confidence, focus and informed decision-making.

First Steps

An increasing number of Americans are choosing to embrace the process of divorce mediation. Divorcing couples and their attorneys sit down to negotiate in-person with a neutral third-party mediator present as well. This mediator helps to ensure that conversations are productive but does not take sides. On the other end of the spectrum is a traditional courtroom-style contentious divorce. This approach tends to work well for couples who struggle with fundamental differences about a property and/or child custody.

The middle-range option is attorney-led negotiation in which the attorneys for each spouse do the bulk of the negotiating work with each other and the spouses involved generally may or may not choose to be present during initial negotiating sessions.

Thinking Ahead

Once you have contemplated the model of divorce that may best serve your goals and have selected Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to represent you, it may be helpful to write some notes related to your property-related and/or child custody goals. We can’t craft a legal strategy until we understand what is most important to you. Similarly, you may benefit from writing down questions for us as soon as they occur to you so we can answer them promptly.

If you are planning to get divorced, you may want to contact a TX divorce lawyer in Arlington, as our lawyers can take the time to learn about your long-term goals and find the best resolution possible. Here are several potential benefits of hiring our firm:

– Assistance With Paperwork
There is substantial paperwork that comes with divorce. If you have to fill out all the pages on your own, you can become overwhelmed and make mistakes. Unfortunately, making even a small error on divorce paperwork can slow down the entire process. If you have our team on your side, we can help you fill out the pages of paperwork and review it to ensure there are no mistakes.

– Objectivity
When you’re going through something as traumatic as a divorce, it’s normal for your emotions to be running high. Unfortunately, being overwhelmed with different emotions might cause you to make rash decisions, such as opting for a quick settlement. We can be more objective and prevent you from making bad decisions. We can help you calm down and advise you that it’s in your best interest to wait for a more fair settlement.

– Expert Advice
When you seek legal counsel from us at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, you’ll find a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Arlington, Texas who has dealt with many divorce cases in the past. We can make you aware if you are not being treated fairly. For example, if your ex-spouse’s attorney offers you a settlement that is too low, we may advise you not to settle yet.

– Reduce Stress
Going through a divorce may lead to a lot of stress. At Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, we can take care of just about everything, including communication with your ex-spouse. This may give you time to relax and take care of your family.

– Financial Security
While it does cost money to hire a lawyer, it may actually help you save more money in the long run. For example, a lawyer can help you avoid paying more than you need to in child support, or ensure that your marital assets are divided up fairly.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

There is no better time than right now to hire a member of our legal team. We’re proud to offer free initial consultations to our clients. You have nothing to lose by contacting us for a case evaluation. During your first meeting, a lawyer from our firm may ask you several different questions, such as what types of assets you and your ex-spouse own together and how much income you and your ex-spouse make a year. It is important to answer these questions with as much detail and accuracy as possible. The more information you give your lawyer, the better we can help you.

Will Infidelity Affect My Divorce?

This depends on if you live in a “no-fault” state. No-fault means the filing spouse is not required to provide evidence of fault on their soon-to-be ex. You and your spouse will not be required to testify about your marriage and why it is failing. The only thing you will have to do is give a reason for filing that their state will honor.

In many no-fault states, a judge may take a spouse’s infidelity into account when deciding how much alimony to award and to who or how the marital estate should be divided. In some cases, proof of infidelity has cost some individuals their alimony.

No-fault states represent a more modern approach to divorces. States that are fault-based still allow individuals to discuss who is at fault in the divorce with the judge. Divorce documents in at-fault states may even state that the divorce was a result of an affair, abandonment, abuse, etc., and name who is at fault. Your Texas divorce lawyer in Arlington can explain what options you have and if you need grounds to file for divorce.

Who Decides?

Whether you live in a no-fault or at-fault state, it is actually up to the judge whether or not your or your partner’s infidelity will be factored into the final divorce settlement. One of three things can happen:

  1. The judge may state that no evidence presented supports an award of more alimony than necessary or just deny alimony in general.
  2. The judge might decide that alimony should be awarded based on evidence and give an amount that is fair and rational to fit the details of the divorce hearing.
  3. The judge will only award alimony based on the length of the marriage and nothing else.

Keep in Mind

Generally speaking, most judges do not consider marital misconduct when making decisions about alimony. The purpose of alimony is to ensure that the supported spouse does not fall victim to poverty after the divorce and not to punish a spouse for wrongdoing. However, if a spouse was violent and committed adultery during the relationship, judges will often decrease or even sometimes eliminate alimony for the abusive spouse because courtrooms have zero tolerance for abuse. If infidelity has played a role in ending your marriage, contact a divorce lawyer from Arlington to find out what legal options you may have.

Things To Consider While Living With Your Ex During Divorce

Depending on your financial health or whether you have shared children, you and your soon-to-be former spouse may remain in the marital home together during your divorce. Use these tips to save your sanity and make the most of your situation.

Create a New Budget

Your old budget and way of taking care of your financial obligations may require tweaking for your divorce. While drafting a new budget, consider your income as a single person and other financial obligations, such as the cost of divorce. Your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX, from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, could help with this.

Also, refrain from making big purchases until you finalize your divorce. You do not yet know what property becomes yours after the divorce. Also, you do not want to risk using marital funds.

Divide Household Chores and Responsibilities

This is another area in which the arrangement you had during your marriage could continue to work. Sit with your current spouse to discuss how to allocate household chores. It may help to treat each other like roommates and navigate the task from that perspective.

Other than chores, discuss home comforts that make you feel at ease in your space. For instance, you and your soon-to-be-ex may agree to wipe down the counters every night and put dishes in the dishwasher rather than the sink.

Recalibrate Your Boundaries

When talking with your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX, you may learn the importance of establishing or adjusting boundaries while living with your ex during a divorce. For example, you may want “me time” during certain times in the day or week. You and your current partner may also want to divide rooms in the house and shared spaces. Perhaps you want use of the bathroom in the morning while your ex uses the kitchen before you switch spaces.

Think of What To Tell Your Children

If you have shared children living in the marital home with you, discuss what to tell them about your marital split and living arrangement. Even if you have young children, the legal professionals of Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, can tell you how perceptive kids are. Expect them to notice the shift in your relationship. You may keep the explanation as simple as, “We feel more comfortable sleeping in separate rooms right now.” Whatever you say, discuss it with your current partner beforehand, so you show a united front. Do not hesitate to ask for experienced insights from your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX. 

3 Misleading Myths About Divorce Lawyers

Divorce changes life as you know it, and if you head into the process unprepared it’s not likely to change for the better. The process of divorce is complex and requires intimate knowledge of family law, state law, paperwork, and much more. It’s knowledge only a divorce lawyer would have, but there are several misconceptions about divorce lawyers that cause individuals to make the mistake of taking on the process alone. Here are three myths about divorce lawyers and the truth about how they can help you:

Myth: Divorce Lawyers are Only for Ugly Divorces

While it’s true the more complex and emotional your separation is the more likely you will need a lawyer, even the most amicable of separations require legal assistance. Every divorce requires documents, such as a marriage certificate or proof of residency for both parties.

However, the circumstances of your divorce may require additional documents unique to your cases such as evidence of infidelity which might include witness statements, photographs or financial records. Due to their experience practicing family law a divorce lawyer will know what documents your case requires and how to get them if your spouse controls those documents and withholds them.

Myth: Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Isn’t Worth the Cost

When hiring any professional service, you should be prepared to pay for the services provided. The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer in Arlington TX  pales in comparison to the cost of losing years of your life, your assets, and the future impact on your finances. Due to their expert knowledge in divorce proceedings a lawyer can greatly cut down on the length of your case, which costs you less money and allows you more time to heal and move on.

Most married couples have joint accounts for bills, insurance policies, or even investments, and it’s critical that you set up new individual policies and accounts correctly the first time. Even the smallest mistake when dividing these assets can impact your credit score and devastate your financial well-being for years. Hiring a lawyer to assist in this process ensures it is done right the first time and saves you from unnecessary stress.

Myth: Divorce is the Same in Every State

Where you live heavily impacts how long your divorce will take and the requirements for getting a divorce. One of the reasons for this is called a waiting time or cooling-off period to ensure that both parties are serious about separating. Some states have none at all and others require up to a six-month cooling-off period.

There are also living and residency requirements for divorce. Living requirements stipulate whether or not couples must reside separately for some time before obtaining a divorce. Not to be confused with residency requirements which specify how long you and your spouse must reside in the state in which you are filing for divorce, and some states have county residency requirements as well.

Your divorce lawyer will be able to help your sort through this and see through the chaos to the light at the end of the tunnel. Their expert knowledge of family law will expedite your case so you can focus on the better days ahead; because this isn’t the end of your life, it’s the beginning of a new one.

How Arlington TX Divorce Lawyers May Assist in the Case

A divorce lawyer is not just limited to handling the case filing and court representation. Rather, they may work to negotiate settlement agreements, child custody/visitation, division of assets, and spousal support. In challenging cases, divorce lawyers may be required to carry out further investigations or procure witnesses to verify possible claims. When you’re considering divorce lawyers in Arlington TX, you might want to focus on the experience of the firm, the skill level of the attorneys, and the areas served.

The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC values the needs of our clients, taking pride in:

  • The skills and confidence in our ability to handle a broad range of divorce cases
  • Our direct experience in negotiating child support and division of property
  • The comfort our clients feel when speaking freely to our lawyers
  • Our multi-faceted approach to divorce cases (i.e. mediation, resolution, court hearings, etc.)

Finally, it is usually considered prudent to hire a lawyer if your spouse has already hired one. This is especially true if there are children or complicated issues associated with assets.

How Divorce Lawyers Arlington, TX Offers Can Help You Have an Amicable Separation

When two people have lived their lives together and have invested heavily in a relationship but are now considering a divorce, trials, and tribulations can arise. The Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC strives to avoid further collisions between two feuding partners by advising clients to avoid face-to-face meetings or entertaining any sort of phone calls or emails. By taking this advice, you can ease any ongoing tension and allow the divorce to proceed as quickly as possible. Our team of divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX trusts may handle the bulk of communications between your spouse and their attorney. Learn about Steps through a Divorce.

Child Custody and Child Support

In the midst of a divorce, children will need to be in the best environment possible. Being at an impressionable age, they are not mentally able to see past an ending and into a new beginning. This can leave the child to being emotionally vulnerable, confused, and scared. When you work with our divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX has to offer, we may guide you through supportive measures that assist in making this transition comfortable for the children involved.

Child custody is considered to be a contentious issue, rife with complex laws and legislations which could vary slightly depending on the encompassing circumstances. As Arlington divorce lawyers, we are courtroom advocates for the rights of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children at the center of the dispute. Rest assured, we work diligently to ensure a client gets custody of their children without delay. If at any time you believe your children are at risk for parental kidnapping or harm, we may take the necessary measures needed to protect them.

Asset Control and Equitable Distribution

Considered to be a complex issue, divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX provides may ensure that all of your personal property, financial assets, business assets, and retirement funds are examined by the court for fair and just distribution. Our team of lawyers may prepare to defend any impropriety in the division of all assets and be ready to fight for the distribution that you deserve.

Our Areas of Knowledge

When you work with our experienced divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX, you can rest easy knowing that we are considered in terms of edicts, skills, and expertise. Couple these things with our zealous passion for meeting the goals and objectives of each client, and you get a law firm that goes above and beyond other firms. We have ample experience in dealing with a variety of matters associated with divorce including:

  • Divorce, separation, and annulment
  • Child custody and child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property division
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Parental kidnapping
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Paternity actions
  • Enforcement of court orders

Four Reasons to Hire a Texas Divorce Lawyer

We at the Brandy Austin Law Firm know that when you’re going through a divorce, it’s nice to have good divorce lawyers in Arlington, TX on your team. Someone you can lean on when things get hard or complicated. Someone who knows the law inside and out. By having a divorce lawyer on your side, you can feel confident that your case will be represented in a way that is best for you. Here are five reasons to hire a divorce lawyer.


Good divorce lawyers for Arlington, TX will be objective, and more importantly, help you be objective throughout the process. Divorce is an emotional situation. Emotions are raw. You’ll feel happy, sad, betrayed, and angry sometimes even on the same day. It’s common for you to experience a variety of emotions throughout the course of your divorce. Because of this, you aren’t able to be as objective about the case as you need to be. Some spouses are not able to be in the same room let alone come to an agreement in court.

While your divorce lawyer is on your side and will fight on your behalf, they aren’t emotionally involved. They can keep a clear head, look at the facts rationally, and let you know when you’re being unreasonable.


Like any other court procedure, divorce cases have mountains of paperwork to fill out. Plus, all the paperwork you fill out needs to be 100% accurate. One small mistake could cause a delay in the case. Also, if you do miss a detail – even on accident – your spouse could use it against you in court. They could say that you are trying to hide information in order to get a better settlement from the divorce. Or, it could show the judge that you are careless which makes your character look poor. Trusted divorce lawyers from Arlington, TX can manage the details for you.

Reduce stress

Divorce is stressful enough as it is. There is stress from your family members, children, and spouse. On top of your full-time job, taking care of your family, and trying to adjust to your new normal way of life, you also have to deal with the many, many details that come with a divorce case.

Good divorce lawyers serving Arlington, TX will help you reduce the amount of stress in your life. They will worry about filling out the paperwork correctly, researching the laws in your state, and making sure that you have everything you need in order for the case. Let your lawyer take care of the details while you focus on living your life.

Expert Advice

Divorce laws can be different in each state. Different states have different statutes and regulations regarding child support, alimony, and dividing up resources and property. Having an expert on your side can be invaluable. You can have peace of mind knowing that they have your case covered. You can also ask them for advice regarding your case or how you adjust to your new life. Lean on your divorce lawyer for help in order to make this process as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, reach out to a member of the Brandy Austin Law Firm team today. Our Arlington, TX divorce lawyers are happy to walk through the details of your case and find the best solution for you.

4 Ways To Diffuse Tension During a High-Stress Divorce

Divorce can be a tough time even in the best of circumstances, but it makes it all the harder when you and your ex-spouse are constantly arguing and fighting over a variety of topics.

After a while, you need to find a way to diffuse the anger between you both. Learning how to do so can help you both have productive discussions and move forward with your lives.

1. Focus on the Future

It may seem tempting to bring up old arguments or issues you had with your ex-spouse, but that will only drag the tension out for longer. Instead, let go of all your annoyances and frustrations with him or her and focus on what is coming up in the future.

You can also focus on finding a divorce lawyer in Arlington TX, such as Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. Instead of continually thinking about what could have been or what you regret, you can strive toward a new lifestyle that will allow you to grow. This mindset will ease the tension between you both and result in fewer arguments as time goes on.

2. Stay Formal

When speaking with your ex-spouse, whether it is about your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX or not, make sure to stay polite but firm. Do not be too casual with your replies or discuss too many personal details, since that can sometimes lead to fights.

Take care to realize that anything you write or send in a text message can be used against you in court. Being respectful and polite with any communication is the best possible idea when you both have a strenuous relationship.

3. Avoid Complaining with Others

Posting your secrets and frustrations with your ex-spouse on social media can potentially cause worse problems as time goes on. Although you may want to complain to others in order to reduce the anger you feel, it only adds fuel to the fire of the main problem.

Keep the private details between you and your divorce lawyer in Arlington TX, such as someone from Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC.

4. Find Ways to Relieve Stress

Spending tons of time thinking about your divorce can leave you on edge and more likely to fight with your ex-spouse due to underlying frustration about the topic.

However, you can combat this by choosing to spend time on hobbies and exercise in order to lower your stress levels. You can come back to a conversation or meeting with your ex-spouse with a clear and relaxed mind after spending time away.

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Divorce Assistance Is Available

Parting ways from a spouse is often a difficult process, but having a lawyer in Arlington, TX for divorce on your side can help to make it a little bit easier. If infidelity has played a role in ending your marriage, we recommend contacting us to find out what legal options you may have. Every couple’s situation is unique, so it is important to be as informed as possible about how your particular circumstances may affect your divorce process. Once you have been advised of your legal options and potential legal strategies for your divorce process, you will be able to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically, and practically for the road ahead.

Whether your divorce is likely to be amicable or contentious, preparation is key to ensuring that this life transition is as healthy, efficient, and successful as possible. Please contact a Texas divorce lawyer at Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC for immediate and compassionate legal services.

Going through a divorce without the assistance of divorce lawyers Arlington TX offers could prove to be challenging. An experienced lawyer provides not only legal guidance but also trusted support to rely on during potentially turbulent times.

Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC has a team of tenacious divorce lawyers who are prepared to stand by you and resolve any potential issues. By retaining divorce lawyers in Arlington TX, you may alleviate stressful emotions and feel more confident in a fair and just settlement for all parties involved. The benefits of choosing to have Arlington TX divorce lawyers provide counsel and advice far exceed the decision to go about the process on your own. Some benefits of hiring lawyers for counsel could include:

Settle a Dispute or Agreement

It’s common for divorcing spouses to have different opinions on matters pertaining to children, assets, or other issues. Coming to an agreement may seem nearly impossible, and could go on forever without the assistance of divorce lawyers Arlington TX offers to its residents. In addition to speeding up the case and enabling fair negotiations, a lawyer may be able to redirect negative emotions and take on a role as a mediator.

Enable a Fast Divorce Procedure

Without divorce lawyers, Arlington TX couples may find themselves in prolonged legal battles that struggle to make progress. By retaining a lawyer, you may be assured documentation is filed on time, and other details of your case are handled. With that, the entire process, including reaching an agreed-upon settlement, may go smoother and much faster.

Assist in a Fair Settlement for All Parties

Most divorce cases will involve the division of property, assets, and so forth. Each state has its own laws on how this property is to be divided, yet the process can still be timely and involve arguments or disputes. Divorce lawyers in Arlington TX offer may be able to help you understand any applicable laws pertaining to your claim. From this point, he or she may help the settlement procedures to be as fair as possible.

Help You With Child Custody, Visitation, and Support

Determining child custody, visitation rights, and financial support is often one of the most challenging aspects to a divorce. Experienced divorce lawyers Arlington TX couples can count on may help to determine the best solutions for the situation, while fighting for your parental rights.

Provide a Platform of Support

Divorce lawyers may provide more than just legal guidance. They are also there to give you emotional support and comfort when you may need it most. A lawyer may help to alleviate your worries, doubts, or concerns. He or she may also give you honest advice about what you should do to move your case forward.

Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC: Lawyers On Your Side

Divorce lawyers understand the ins and outs of this complicated legal process, and know what you may be entitled to. With your rights and best interests in mind, retaining a lawyer gives you the chance at having your voice heard. To schedule a consultation with divorce lawyers Arlington TX residents can trust, call 817-841-9906.

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“I enjoyed using Brandy Austin Law Firm for my divorce..I mean.. it’s not a fun situation but they got it done! Sharon was my main point of contact and she was always very nice and answered all of my questions. Everything was done over the phone and through an online portal so I didn’t even have to leave home! Communication was kind of rocky in the beginning because my ex was holding things up. It would just be nice to be informed of the hold-up. Communication improved tremendously toward the end! All in all, I would use this law firm again although I hope I don’t have to!” – Katie S.

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A divorce can be messy, but children don’t need to suffer through it. With the right legal guidance, you can make sure you get the best child custody arrangement possible for their future development. By detailing your contribution to your children’s upbringing and providing evidence that you’re capable of raising them right, you can be awarded child custody. You may also be able to reach an agreement with your ex that will lead to joint custody. Whatever the end goal, a divorce attorney in Arlington, TX can help you reach an agreement with your children’s best interests in mind – reach out to Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC to learn more about how we can help with child custody in your divorce.

Brandy Austin Law Firm is proud to possess divorce lawyers Arlington TX residents trust. Our divorce lawyers compassionately listen and diligently research to understand our client’s goals, both short-term and long-term. We understand how sensitive and emotionally challenging the concept of divorce can be, which is why we partner with you to develop a strategy that will meet your needs during this critical time.

The decisions made during a divorce are considered important, which is why it is essential to seek the top divorce lawyers Arlington TX has to offer. Brady Austin Law Firm resolves a variety of aspects related to divorce. We understand what is at stake during a divorce, which is why we make sure our clients are educated on topics such as:

  • Division of pensions and property;
  • Spousal and child support payments;
  • Child custody; and
  • Restraining orders

Arlington divorce lawyers at Brandy Austin Law Firm are experienced in the mediation process, which is an important factor when executing the process of divorce. This involves a neutral third party working with both parties to settle and come to an agreement as opposed to leaving the decision in the hands of a judge ruling. We find that this process allows our clients to have more participation and a say in their goals for their new lives. Two big concerns for parties seeking a divorce are a division of property and child custody, and Brandy Austin’s lawyers understand that resolutions often arise in an easier fashion when parties can negotiate, rather than have to go to court, so we always do our best to try to execute the mediation process first.

At Brandy Austin, we also understand that communications styles, preferences, and abilities can change and we are equipped to handle this constantly shifting aspect. If both parties are able to negotiate and collaborate peacefully and efficiently, we can work with you to dissolve your marriage in a quick manner. However, if there is a breakdown of communication, which can be common, we are also prepared to take matters to court where we would defend your interests. These are the type of divorce lawyers Arlington TX residents should look for.

The kind of divorce lawyers Arlington TX residents deserve can be found at Brandy Austin. We always encourage our clients to ask as many questions throughout the process as we understand how new, challenging, and intimidating the divorce process can be. We also understand that each divorce is unique and requires customized attention and strategy.

We want to help you resolve your legal matters in the best and most efficient way possible. Our clients are important to us and we value our relationships greatly. The divorce lawyers in Arlington TX, specifically those at Brandy Austin Law Firm, have a sincere approach. Your best interests are our primary concern. Please fill out our online form, or call 817-841-9906 to schedule a free consultation today. Brandy Austin offers a vast array of legal services in the area and employs the divorce lawyers Arlington TX is proud to have.