Sylvester Spencer III

Sylvester "Trey" Spencer, III

Sylvester Spencer III, also known as "Trey," is the lead attorney liaison at the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC. As the lead attorney liaison, Trey assists in the intermediary communication between all departments as well as current and prospective clients. He is responsible for schedule coordinating and inquiry screening but also efficiently managing the entire client intake process. The attorney liaison is imperative for the law firm's success. In the position, the individual needs to possess specific characteristics, such as self-motivation, being detail-oriented, and highly organized, while managing the high client demand. For Trey, this is indicative of the lifestyle he's accustomed to from growing up on a ranch. Trey grew up in Wills Point, a small, quiet town, located about 55 miles east of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. He graduated from Wills Point High School in 2007 in which participated in numerous extracurricular activities. These activities ranged from sports (fall and spring), marching band, student council, and academic societies. Mr. Spencer received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth. Similar to his high school tenure, Trey quickly became engaged in campus organizations, for example, Model Arab League, Mock Model United Nations, Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, Student Veterans Organization, and Mortar Board Senior National Honor Society. For Trey, you must possess the mindset of capitalizing on the advantages that each organization provides. The organizations not only educates but also exemplify unparalleled practices in critical thinking, international knowledge, leadership activities, and diplomacy. Trey utilized the involvement to expand his global perspective and learn about cultural differences. In addition to his involvement with academia, Trey spent multiple occasions assisting his aunt, Joyce Ann Brown, with her nonprofit organization, Mothers(Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems (MASS, Inc). After serving nearly ten years in prison, his aunt founded the organization after her wrongful conviction. This event sparked not only his initial interest in judicial reform but also the desire for societal unification. The wrongful conviction of his aunt was an unusual obstacle and hardship that his family faced. The particular circumstance does not occur in every family, so first-hand witnessing the improvement of the United States legal system was inspirational. When Trey isn't busy with work and preparing for law school, you can find him providing for the agriculture economy. As a third-generation rancher, the Spencer Boyz Ranch in Wills Point prides itself as an efficient operation. Annually, the Spencer Boyz Ranch manages roughly 80-100 head of cattle and harvest the hay that feeds them throughout the colder months. By doing so, this allows them to save money on purchasing hay from an outside source. They are a family that loves their Ford trucks, Kubota Tractors, and John Deere hay equipment. In other words, if it isn't broke then don't fix it. His passions are to continue the ranching operation while advocating for more societal participation in agriculture. As for his leisure time, Trey enjoys pretty much anything that requires him to be outdoors. When the weather is beautiful, he loves attending country concerts at venues around the state of Texas. Some of his favorite singers, preferably Texas country artists, include Turnpike Troubadours, THE King himself aka George Strait, Wade Bowen, the Randy Rogers Band, and Kasey Musgraves. One thing he loves about being from a small town is the space and quietness away from the big city. In the country, one factor that everyone loathes is the seclusion. For Trey, the isolation allows him to roam the country streets on his horses or ATV's, but most importantly, it will enable him to spend time with his hometown friends. He also enjoys putting a pole in the water. In the Spencer family, fishing was a way of relaxing and bonding with each other. He still fishes today when given the opportunity, whether it is on a boat with his uncles or on land with his grandmother. During football season, you can find him rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners (Boomer Sooner!). To him, there isn't a sport he doesn't enjoy watching. Wholeheartedly, Trey considers himself as a small-town kid who's devoted to God, his enormous family, future career, and the agriculture community. A few quotes that exemplify Trey's outlook on life:

● "There is no greater honor than to sacrifice for a brother (sister). That should encapsulate
your mindset on how you operate throughout life." - As a sports fanatic, this quote from the Sam
Houston State University head baseball coach portrays Trey's mindset when working in a team
atmosphere. When there is a strong team dynamic, it can strengthen the weaker areas.
● "Give people their 'flowers' while they are still alive and get the chance to enjoy them." -
This quote from his dad illustrates how too often we overlook the magnitude of a small gesture
and the impact it can make on someone's day.
● "One exceptional aspect of being an agriculture member is the fact that we not only provide
for our family and friends but also the people who consider you an enemy." - This quote from his
grandpa represents the foundation of Trey's philosophy on life. Growing up, his grandpa
reiterated this quote for just about any scenario, from complaining about stringing a mile worth
of barbed wire to missing friend's birthday celebrations because we had to bale hay before it
rained. He'd recount this quote to explain the hatred throughout society despite being born
around the "The Red Summer" period in the United States of America. He instilled how even
your biggest adversary relies on our agricultural contribution.
● "The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence; it is greener where you most water
it." - To Trey, this quote represents the temptation of comparing and desiring another's life to
yours. Everyone must walk their journey. Once you believe in your mission and who you are and
the importance of loving something greater than yourself, you will understand your real purpose.