Darian Berryman

Assistant Attorney Liaison

Darian, known as Dare by those closest to her, is an outgoing, confident and curious young woman. As the middle child of a large ever evolving family, Dare became comfortable with being everyone’s confidant. She may not be the favorite child, but every sibling would call her their favorite sister. The practice of holding space for people to vent or be themselves became second nature to her. She grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex although her family moved often. Once a year to be more forthcoming. There had to be close to 7 elementary schools and 3 middle school as least that Darian attended. Whether it was a new job or husband for mom, life happened, and often. Fortunately, by the time high school began, Darian’s family began to put down roots in Arlington. Darian has since developed a sense of resiliency that she carries with her in her educational, personal and professional life. It didn’t take long for her to realize that life’s disappointments are more often redirecting her to something more suitable for her.

College for instance, was a slow but steady trek for her as she searched for her passion amidst her basic studies at Tarrant County College. Math certainly wasn’t her strong suite, but Darian is not one to be easily discouraged. What she lacked in mathematical skills she made up for in her English, Philosophy, and History lectures; soaking up as much of humanity as the books and discussions had to offer.  It was an outside source that directed her purpose though. In 2013, she rescued a neglected Saint Bernard, Daisie Mae, prompting her to evaluate her eating habits. It was this unique creature that profoundly motivated Darian to stop eating animals and instead appreciate them for the beings they are and not the convenient sustenance they provide. This lifestyle change, in particular, is what lead to Darian’s pursute of a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Texas Woman’s University. A love of food, particularly exploring new foods and plant-based alternatives to her family favorite recipes, developed effortlessly over the years. She may not be considered the best cook, but she is certainly the most thoughtful. A sense of self-awareness arose in her as well and she’s since come to understand that her actions can have a profound impact on those around her. Darian’s often fantasized about writing a book or two on this notion alone.

This idea was proven true when Darian found her church home at Northgate Pentecostals in January of 2017. It’s at this modest church in North Richland Hills that Darian loves to stay involved with the youth group as a chaperone and with the children’s ministry as a Sunday school teacher. It’s in this intimate community of whole-hearted believers that she was able to really hone her character for the first time in her life. There just wasn’t enough spare time in childhood for her parents or guardians to concern themselves with instilling sound morals in her. Instead, Darian has found mentor after mentor in the men and women, more fondly referred to as brothers and sisters, at this church. Because of them, Darian has learned that the simplest way to serve the Lord daily is by treating people with kindness and respect. The desire to be of service has been close to Darian’s heart for many years. Therefore, volunteer work has practically been a hobby of her since she was a teenager. Apart from the countless hours she spends volunteering at church, Darian makes it a point to spend one week each summer at The Parenting Center of Fort Worth working closely with young children and their siblings, grandparents, and or parents to find the best way to thrive in their family dynamic.

Darian was fortunate enough to meet the love of her life, Hunter Berryman, in the Fall of 2019. She went into Lazy Dog, the dog friendly restaurant in Arlington TX, with Daisie Mae just looking for a quick bite to eat. She didn’t expect to find such a rare man that shares all of her values and quirks. Hunter approached her as her waiter and instantly won her over with his charm. They began courting almost immediately after that day. Verily, they fell in love. He quickly found his place at Northgate as well and they were married there in a roaring twenties fashion in December of 2020. They honeymooned in Cancun Mexico, exploring the Mayan jungle together. They wasted no time starting their family. Darian and her husband are expecting Baby Berryman in late October of 2021. Good timing too, because Daisie Mae had puppies of her own in January of 2020. Ironically there had been a male Saint Bernard at the restaurant that day. The day Darian met the love of her life and father of her children, Daisie Mae did as well. After much debate, Darian let Hunter talk her into keeping two puppies of their litter. Their household now consists of three 130-pound dogs, including Daisie Mae’s son Bear and daughter Bella Rose.

It was Albert Einstein who said, “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” and that resonates entirely with Darian. Talent isn’t important to her. It’s about the degree of determination and consistency a person has that really makes all the difference in the world. It’s the lack thereof that has cost many people around Darian to not succeed. Inadvertently, this method has proven tried and true. It’s not important to Darian to be the best at everything, however, it is important to do her best at everything. As the newest Attorney Liaison of the Brandy Austin Law Firm its Darian means to come in and learn by example and experience. Iron sharpens iron, as they say, and the team at the firm is iron clad. Darian feel’s confident that she was made to fit this role. It’s her intention to make such a difference for clients’ experience here at the firm that life won’t be the same without her.

Darian Berryman

We have had the pleasure of working with the Brandy Austin Law Firm on three occasions with various legal issues. We have always been treated with respect and empathy. We can’t say enough positive about Jennifer Lowe or Trey. Wonderful people to work with. Would very highly recommend.

Gary Quillin