Brain Injury Lawyer Arlington, TXBrain Injury Lawyer Arlington, TX

If you suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, you should get in touch with a brain injury lawyer in Arlington, TX. A brain injury can affect your life in many ways, so it’s important to have someone with knowledge on your side. A lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party and protect your legal rights.

Symptoms of a Brain Injury

A brain injury most commonly occurs because of a jolt or blow to the head. This injury can range from mild to life-threatening and affect people of all ages. Common symptoms of a brain injury include loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, trouble speaking and mood changes.

Common Causes of Brain Injury

Brain injuries can have many different causes, such as:

  • Vehicle accidents. Accidents including cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles account for a large percentage of brain injuries.
  • Workplace accidents. Brain injuries may also be suffered in the workplace. These injuries are most commonly caused by falls and getting struck in the head by falling objects.
  • Sports. Sports is another common cause of brain injuries. Athletes may suffer a brain injury while playing many different sports, such as lacrosse, baseball, soccer and football.
  • Violence. Brain injuries can also result from acts of violence, like domestic violence and gunshot wounds.

Treatments for a Brain Injury

The type of treatment you receive will depend on the severity of your brain injury. If your injury is mild, your doctor may just suggest rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. On the other hand, if your brain injury is more severe, surgery may be necessary. As a brain injury lawyer in Arlington, TX can confirm, surgery can address a number of problems, like bleeding in the brain, hematomas and skull fractures.

Rehabilitation may also likely be required for severe brain injuries. Common types of rehabilitation brain injury patients go through include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

Why You Should Speak to a Brain Injury Lawyer

If you recently suffered a brain injury, it is in your best interest to talk to a brain injury lawyer. A brain injury can cost thousands of dollars in medical care and you deserve to be compensated for that. A skilled lawyer can help you pursue compensation and handle all communication with the insurance company.

Schedule a consultation with a brain injury lawyer in Arlington, TX.