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Criminal Defense Lawyer

When involved in a court case, your lawyer plays an enormous role in whether you win or lose the case. If you are not happy with or confident in your lawyer, you should always hire a different lawyer. But what if the trial has already begun? Are you still allowed to change which lawyer is representing you? This is a seemingly simple question, and it has a simple answer, but few people actually know what that answer is. This guide will explain everything you need to know.

Changing Lawyers

Generally, you will be able to change which lawyer is representing you after trial has begun. The only thing you need to do is ask the judge for permission. If the judge allows it, you can immediately change your lawyer for a different one. Judges want every individual to be happy with his or her legal representative. It reduces conflict and helps the trial to progress smoothly. This means the chances of your request being accepted is extremely high. However, there are some situations where your request may be rejected, and it is important to understand what these situations are so you can avoid them.

When You Will Not Be Able To

  • When you change which attorney is representing you, the process takes some time. This is because the new attorney needs to get caught up on the trial. While judges do want everyone to be happy with their legal representations, they also dislike having their time wasted. This means if you have already changed lawyers, the judge is much less likely to approve the request a second time.
  • Additionally, because it takes time for the new lawyer to get caught up, the request may be rejected if the trial is too close to its conclusion. If you are only a few hours away from the trial ending, then there is little point in a new lawyer being brought in. It would not make any difference at that late point in the trial.
  • Finally, if you are using a public defender in a criminal case, you cannot exchange him or her for a different public defender. If you choose to go with a public defender, you must use the one you are assigned. However, it may be possible to change a public defender for a private lawyer.

Having a criminal defense attorney in Redwood City, CA you can feel confident in is incredibly important. It can be intimidating to make this request of the judge, but you should feel comfortable doing so.



Thanks to The Morales Law Firm for their insight into criminal law and changing your lawyer during your trial.