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The difference between child neglect and child abuse can be very small but also very large depending on where you’re located. Laws vary from state to state so it is important to understand the difference because they both incur different punishments. It is natural for parents to cling to their children and hope that nothing ever happens to them. Unfortunately sometimes things do, and under the law something with you may not even consider neglect or abuse of a car and can be punishable by law. A few examples of child-abuse or chat neglect are:

-Refusing to have your child get a school education.
-Keeping the child locked up, which is like kidnapping.
-Physical harm to the child with your body or an object.
-Threatening to harm your children in any way.
-Leaving your child unattended or with improper supervision.
-Leaving your child unattended or with improper supervision.
-Committing any criminal offense while in the presence of your child.

Many of these are clear signs of child abuse or child neglect, some of them some people have never heard of. With this being said it is easy for some of us to be charged with this criminal offense and not understand how or why. In the event that you or someone you know has been charged with child neglect or child abuse it is important to contact a defense attorney in the area as soon as possible.

And very rare cases those that are charged with Child neglect or child abuse simply lose the rights to the child, parental rights. In other cases, some people are fined and then sent to jail or prison. Because the distinction between what is discipline and what is child abuse is so thin, you must be careful to understand what constitutes child abuse so that you may avoid any criminal charges. Sometimes, charges are filed against a parent or guardian with no physical evidence. Sometimes all it takes is a child making a statement accusing someone of committing any type of harm Towards them.  

This may start an investigation or can leave directly to an arrest. Should you or someone you know be in the middle of an investigation for child neglect or child abuse speaking with the right criminal defense attorney, like from The Lynch Law Group, can make all of the difference in your case. An Attorney will be able to review the details and facts of your case and begin to build a defense in your favor.