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Our professional career depends on our reputation and how we have established others’ perception of us over time. Many people spend year after year building their reputation among their communities so that they can get promoted or have more opportunities for success. However, there are times when ill-intentioned people seek to ruin someone’s reputation by making untrue allegations about who they are. This is considered defamation, and it is illegal. Our team at Brandy Austin Law Firm have handled defamation cases in the past and understand just how damaging they can be. If you’re ready to get assistance regarding a matter like this, please contact our office immediately. The faster that our Dallas, TX defamation lawyer can start implementing strategies in your defense against these false claims, the sooner that your reputation can return to its authentic form. 

What To Know About Defamation

Most people have heard the word defamation used before, but they may not have a deeper understanding of how that actually means. When someone makes a false statement about someone else that harms their reputation, this is considered defamation. A couple of the most common terms related to defamation are slander and libel. By definition, slander refers to spoken statements that are made against someone else that are in fact false. Libel refers to paintings, writings, photos, or other representations that are made about someone else that is untrue. By law, there are elements of defamation that must be present in order for the situation to have grounds for legal action. Firstly, a statement must have been made, that statement must have been published, the statement must be false, it must have been made with the intention to cause harm or injure, and it must have been unprivileged. Along with making statements about someone’s character that is untrue, there can be false accusations about harassment, theft, immoral behavior, and dishonesty. A person may experience irreparable harm to their reputation both personally and professionally due to defamation statements. Our dedicated defamation attorney understands the gravity of people tainting someone else’s reputation. Let us help you seek compensation for the damage done and work towards retaining your reputation to its original form.

Brandy Austin Law Firm

At Brandy Austin Law Firm, we take defamation seriously and the damage that can be caused from it. No one deserves to have their reputation ruined just because someone else decided they wanted to inflict harm. You could be owed financial restitution for the false statements someone else has made against you. We understand that a situation like this can be overwhelming and cause immense anxiety for the person these claims are made against. You can trust that our TX defamation attorney is on your side and will do everything in their legal power to get your reputation back to what it was before. We can imagine how difficult this time is for you, and hope to offer our wisdom and protection at this time. Please reach out today so that our team can get started working for you right away.