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There can be a diverse range of family law scenarios that may prompt the need for the help of an experienced division of assets and liabilities lawyer in Arlington, TX. It’s always a challenge to go through tough situations involving family. Some family matters are settled without issue, but certain situations present more obstacles. Legal complexities can arise in agreements that seem like they are settled. Sometimes one person changes their mind about certain points in an agreement. A divorce is a particularly challenging event to go through, and the individuals involved might have opposing opinions on an acceptable solution. However, there may be areas that need further consideration, especially if it involves the organization and security of finances. As a third-party voice, a family lawyer such as one from Brandy Austin Law Firm can look at your situation objectively, and offer helpful professional insight about the best strategies for achieving a fair outcome. 

Division of assets and liabilities lawyer in Arlington TX

The stress and emotional pain that come with a divorce are hard enough to deal with, but sorting out the financial side of it is another hurdle. After a divorce, it may be difficult to decide the best way to organize marital assets and liabilities, but a top family lawyer in the Arlington, Texas community can offer critical guidance. 

Assets can include things like money, funds, real estate, cars, stocks, and even life insurance. Examples of liabilities include mortgages and various debts and loans. Spouses must agree on which items fall under marital or non-marital assets. Generally, things that are acquired during marriage count as a marital asset. It’s important for spouses going through the divorce process to agree on how assets and liabilities will be fairly divided. Deciding on these responsibilities may not be easy to accomplish alone, as there can be a fierce dispute over who has true ownership. 

How Value is Determined

Current fair market values are used to determine asset values. Both spouses must reach an agreement on the values of each item. High-asset divorce cases can present more difficult challenges that may require going to trial. If assets and liabilities are involved, an experienced family lawyer can work with you to learn about a fair value can be negotiated. 

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We understand that you may be going through many emotions and turmoil during this challenging time. To help ensure your experience goes smoothly, we take the time to get to know you so we have a thorough understanding of your case. We are able to provide a variety of services for your needs, whether you need legal counsel throughout the process or representation for hearings. Through our skilled legal team’s assistance, you may be able to save time and effort navigating a divorce. If you would like to learn more about what a top division of assets and liabilities lawyer in Arlington, Texas can do for you, contact our office for a free consultation.